10 Dwarven Statues

Dwarves love working in stone, and their holds are replete with many finely crafted statues. Some depict the dwarves’ gods or leaders. Other could represent local heroes or particular enemies.


Use the table below, to generate the statues appearing in your fallen dwarven hold:

  1. A plate-clad dwarven warrior of stern visage stands with a warhammer grounded between his feet.
  2. A plate-clad dwarf, replete with an impressive beard wearing an ornate helmet, stands with feet powerfully braced. He has a massive battle-axe raised above his head.
  3. A dwarven woman stands with one hand outstretched in the universal gesture for “stop”, but a slight smile plays upon her face. She wears voluminous and ornate finely carved robes.
  4. A dwarven man—clad in obvious clerical garb—kneels in a penitent pose. He holds both hands outstretched cupped into a bowl.
  5. This carven orc warrior falls backwards arms outstretched. Eight crossbow bolts protrude from his chest. A grimace of pain and fear twists the orc’s hideously ugly face.
  6. This statue once depicted a dwarven warrior in his battle finery. However, the figure has fallen from its plinth at some point and lies smashed and scattered on the floor.
  7. A plate-clad dwarf warrior stands on either side of a doorway. The warriors’ raised spear tips meet above the door’s arch. Both warriors wear ridiculously ornate horned helmets.
  8. With a large warhammer raised high above his head this dwarf warrior—his face dominated by a beaming smile—stands seemingly ready to strike down anyone passing below his plinth.
  9. This ten-foot-high statue—carved from the same stone as the floor—depicts an impossibly large and ornately crafted two-headed dwarven axe.
  10. An abnormally coloured outcropping of rocky high up on one wall is carved to depict a large dragon bursting from the rock. The dragon’s maw gaps wide to reveal dozens of sharp fangs. A crossbow bolt juts from one eye.

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4 thoughts on “10 Dwarven Statues

      • Me encantó la opción 5, mencionando a sus enemigos acerrimos.

        La utilizaré en mi próxima aventura en un tunel bajo la montaña que llevará a una ciudad bajo la tierra.