10 Fallen Dwarven Temple Dressings

Dwarves are religious folk and often carve vast temples for their patrons deep into the rock of their home.


Use the table below, to generate features of interest for the PCs to discover in a fallen dwarven temple.

  1. Ornate carvings on the walls depict a procession of dwarves climbing through seemingly endless caverns. They show many women and children among the throng—which is probably a migration or holy pilgrimage.
  2. Ornate, but lurid, carvings on the walls depict a great battle between dwarves and a horde of savage orcs. Many dead orcs lie at the dwarves’ feet.
  3. A statue of a powerfully built, stern-faced dwarven warrior stands on a low plinth. He wears ornate plate armour and carries an immense two-bladed waraxe across his chest. His finely plaited beard reaches almost to his waist.
  4. Through much of the temple, the floor is flawlessly smooth—clearly through the work of devoted stonemasons. A few sections, though, are slightly worn—no doubt by the passage of countless dwarves over the long centuries.
  5. Pillars carved to depict massive bulbous-headed maces hold aloft the roof. The head of each weapon blends into the ceiling. The columns are broad enough to obscure sight of what lies beyond, and might even conceal hidden niches.
  6. A stone coffin rests atop an ornate stone bier. Upon the coffin’s lid, carved in blissful slumber, lies a dwarven warrior clad in beautiful plate armour. Dust lies thickly upon the coffin and bier. However, perceptive PCs notice the warrior’s hands are strangely bereft of dust.
  7. Dusty tapestries hang from the walls. Dust lies so thickly upon them their designs are impossible to make out. Shaking the tapestries releases billowing clouds of dust. Once the dust clears, the PCs can see lengthy dwarven prayers decorate the tapestries. The glimmer of metal reveals some of the lettering is picked out with gold and silver wire.
  8. Orderly rows of dusty stone pews jut from the floor. The skeletal remains of several dwarves and many more of their enemies lie scattered among the pews.
  9. Carved into the living rock of one wall the pipes of an enormous bagpipe easily four times the height of a dwarf now stand silent. Of the bagpipes bladder and blow stick only tattered, and scorched remnants remain.
  10. Three immense and ornate iron braziers stand overturned about the chamber. Magical light—that throws weird shadows across the chamber—still dances within.

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10 Fallen Dwarven Temple Dressings appears in 20 Things #23: Fallen Dwarven Hold.

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