10 Guards & Soldiers with Personality

Every settlement needs guards and soldiers to keep its people safe. Most such folk are nothing special, but a few may be notable for one reason or another.


Use the table below, to generate the details of guards, members of the watch and other soldiers the PCs encounter during their travels:

  1. Onni Keto (NE male human fighter 1): Corrupt and despicable, Onni uses his position to exact bribes and fines from vulnerable people crossing his path. Often unshaven and generally unkempt he looks more like a local tough than a soldier. Disliked by many of his fellows, he is suspected of having links with certain unsavoury locals. Such rumours are false—Onni is only out for himself.
  2. Panu Korpela (LN male human fighter 1): Burly and a little dim, Panu is a dependable but unimaginative warrior. When confused by a situation he follows local laws to the letter. He takes great solace in the rule of law. For all that, he is friendly man and does not hold grudges.
  3. Elina Alanen (LN female human fighter 3): A highly competent warrior, Elina sometimes despairs of her companions. A veteran of many border skirmishes and the like, she has seen real action—not like those she now trains. Her superiors have marked her for promotion.
  4. Hannu Purho (N middle-aged male human fighter 2): Injured in the line of duty, Hannu walks with a distinctive limp and sometimes falls behind his fellows when out on patrol. He hates being a liability and is an excellent warrior in every other way. For all that, he now dreams of retirement—perhaps to a training post where he can pass on his skills. Hannu is particularly skilled with the shield and is developing his own unique fighting style in his leisure time. He is as bald as an egg.
  5. Mira Rekunen (NG female human fighter 1): Mira has only just become a soldier; her family has fallen on hard times, and she needed the steady wage to keep her aged parents off the streets. She doesn’t particularly enjoy the life and is making the best of a bad job. She appears ill at ease in her armour and has not actually yet seen action—if a fight breaks out she joins in only hesitantly. A jagged scar on her cheek is the result of a training accident (and makes her look harder than she actually is).
  6. Vuokko Ukkola (NG female human fighter 2): Tall for a woman, Vuokka towers over most of her male comrades. As muscular as she is remarkably tall, Vuokka is an imposing sight. Once a blacksmith by trade, the lust for action burned deep within her and she became a soldier. Faded and healed scars—results of her blacksmithing—mar her forearms. She has a deep, strident voice and is a terror in battle.
  7. Urmas Ojanen (LN middle-aged male human fighter 1): Short and stocky, Urmas is a career soldier. He has known virtually no other life and would be utterly lost without the order and discipline of military life. Urmas is also a borderline alcoholic—his face is blotchy and his eyes ringed by deep bags—which is beginning to interfere with his duties. He is always licking his lips—as if thirsty—and is never without a small flask about his person.
  8. Jarmo Sianio (CG male human fighter 3): Big, burly and fearless Jarmo is a soldier’s soldier. Scion of a distant land, he escaped a slaver’s coffle and after a series of adventures found himself a soldier. He is biding his time until he has amassed enough pay to attempt to get home and will desert when the time is right. His pale blue eyes, fair hair and parchment-white skin mark him out as an outsider. He also speaks with a comically thick foreign accent.
  9. Mikko Leino (N male human fighter 1): Mikko has a very strange sense of humour (he believes he is too intelligent for his companions) and often makes inappropriate jokes (which can lead to brawls and suchlike). Still—for all that—he is a decent person; he genuinely doesn’t understand why people don’t find him funny. Mikko has a strange growth—an abnormally large mole—on his neck about which he is self-conscious. He keeps his black hair long to hide his mole and is fastidious about his appearance.
  10. Terttu Paananen (LE female human fighter 1/thief 1): Terttu is a spy for a rival lord or organisation. She is a consummate actor and has ingratiated herself with her fellows. She is friendly, perhaps overly so, and takes the time to get to know the PCs—they might be useful to her in the future. Her hair is dyed black, but perceptive PCs may notice her blond roots coming through.

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