10 Horrible Sensations to Suffer in a Necromancer’s Lair

A necromancer’s lair is a fell place full of horrific, blasphemous sights and sounds.

By Bradley K. McDevitt


Use the table below, to generate details of the horrible sensations the PCs experience while exploring the necromancer’s lair.

  1. The air suddenly becomes preternaturally cold. The PCs can see their breath and frost begins to form on any exposed pieces of metal.
  2. One of the PCs begins to shiver uncontrollably, although the surrounding air temperature has not changed. The shakes continue for a few minutes before subsiding.
  3. Suddenly, one of the PCs suffers an out-of-body experience. Up by the ceiling the PC has the strange sensation of looking down at the party. After a few minutes, the feeling ends and the PCs is “sucked” back into his own body.
  4. A thin opaque mist blankets the floor. As the PCs move through it, cold and clammy tendrils rise up from the mist to clutch at the explorers’ legs.
  5. A deep throbbing passes through the nearby floor and walls. Several of the party feel somewhat dizzy. The feeling subsides, after a few moments.
  6. The least perceptive hero gets the strong feeling they are being watched by some nearby, hidden observer.
  7. Something invisible bumps into the rear-most PC causing her to stumble. Nothing is obviously present and the event does not repeat itself.
  8. One of the party feels the hot breath of some unseen creature on the back of his neck.
  9. The sensation of a thick miasma of hopelessness and death hangs heavily in the air. In this area, things seem glummer and the situation more hopeless.
  10. The air moves more vigorously than in surrounding areas. Faint, but sporadic gusts of wind stir the PCs’ hair. From the corner of their eyes several PCs glimpse snatches of translucent faces—their expressions fixed with hopelessness and despair—drifting through the air.

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