10 Horrible Sounds to Hear in A Necromancer’s Lair

A necromancer’s lair is a fell place full of horrific, blasphemous sights and sounds.

By Bradley K. McDevitt


Use the table below, to generate details of the horrible sounds the PCs hear while exploring the necromancer’s lair.

  1. Uncontrollable screaming suddenly rends the air. It continues for several seconds before abruptly ceasing.
  2. A soft sobbing, from an undeterminable source, reaches the PCs’ ears.
  3. The clanking of chains and the thud of something falling sunders the quiet.
  4. A soft cackling comes from the room the party just left.
  5. Moaning—perhaps the wind or the damned spirits of those the necromancer has transformed into the undead—echoes through the area. The moaning rises and falls in intensity for several minutes, before dying away.
  6. A loud clatter—perhaps that of falling stones or a collapsing skeleton—reaches the party’s ears. Moments later, a skull rolls into view around the corner. Investigations reveals a pile of mouldering bones.
  7. Everyone in the party hears several loud thuds emanating from an unexplored direction. Only perceptive PCs hear the ensuing cackling and low whining sounds coming from the same direction.
  8. The distant clacking on bone on stone suggests that somewhere out of sight, an animate skeleton—or two—patrols the halls.
  9. Loud maniacal laughter sounds from somewhere deeper into the complex.
  10. A loud thunderclap rends the stillness of the air. As it echoes through the complex, the hair on the back of the PCs’ neck suddenly rises as if some electrical charge—or other fell energy—fills the air.

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