10 Cunning Kobold Traps

Kobolds have a reputation to maintain when it comes to traps! But limited access to magic and a…less than stellar engineering acumen means these little guys need to be cunning indeed to get the drop on wily adventurers.   Let’s face it: there can only be so many pits before the ten-foot poles are out all the time. Use the table below, to mix things up a bit and keep the PCs guessing:

  1. A jar filled with green slime is embedded into the ceiling. A metal rod fixed with wax in the jar’s mouth keeps the slime in place (until an unsuspecting adventurer fiddles with the strange rod hanging down from the ceiling).
  2. A tin box filled with spiders is hidden away where floor meets wall. Tripping over a simple wire strung through eyelets pulls back the box’s lid releasing a tiny swarm of hungry spiders.
  3. The top of a bellows is set in the floor and disguised as stone. A hidden tube connected to the bellows filled with flour erupts in a blinding cloud when anyone step on it.
  4. A small clay bowl filled with acid rests atop a high rotting shelf next to a small stack of copper coins. Disturbing the shelf causes it to collapse soaking whoever is under it.
  5. A seemingly shallow puddle hides a deeper section set with rusty broken knives pointing upwards.
  6. A narrow shelf mounted on the opposite side of a door holds a jar of angry bees. When the door is opened, the jar falls and shatters .
  7. This door is barred from this side as if to contain something within. Hidden in a hollowed out portion of the bar is a venomous snake. Removing the bar releases the snake.
  8. A small, rickety ladder leans on the wall just below an obvious trapdoor in the ceiling. The trapdoor opens to a small compartment holding an angry, hungry skunk.
  9. Set in a small alcove just around a bend in the hall (or tunnel) is a chalkboard. Rigged to a tripwire is a pliable slat of wood with nails in it set to drag a screeching track across the chalkboard when triggered.
  10. A large, hollow brass knob is set into a door. Pushed into the hollow of the knob from an opening on the other side is a hot coal. The knob is searingly hot.


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