10 Men-at-Arms with Personality

Borderland forts are often dangerous places, and the wise nobleman strongly garrisons it with redoubtable men-at-arms. Such soldiers should not be merely carbon copies of one another. Among any garrison exceptional—or interesting— individuals will always emerge.


Use the table below, to generate the details of particularly interesting or exceptional men-at-arms the party encounters.

  1. Aevar (LG male human fighter 1) Overly burly, and bald, Aevar cuts a menacing image. His dangerous mien is further enhanced by a badly done tattoo of a skull covering his entire head except for his face. For all that, Aevar is loyal to his lord, if not a little bit too enthusiastic in combat.
  2. Turkka Hirvonen (N male human fighter 1) Turkka doesn’t want to be soldier; he only become one to escape a life of crushing poverty and constant hunger. He is loyal—to an extent—to his lord, but is always on the lookout for a way to turn a profit. Turkka is always hungry, and rarely encountered without food in his hand (or hidden in his pouch).
  3. Aila Leino (NG female human fighter 3) Aila’s slender frame belies a strength far greater than most men. Friendly and gregarious, Aila is popular with her fellows, although secretly she hates their coarse, unsubtle humour. She is a skilled warrior and braver than most veterans. With dark grey eyes and short-cropped red hair, Aila stands out from her drab fellows. If she can escape this backwater fort, a great destiny lies in her future for Aila is not entirely human…
  4. Gar Blood-Eye (CN male half-orc fighter 2) A renegade from an orcish tribe lurking in the nearby wilderland, Gar is not completely trusted by his fellows. Half of them see the tall and broad-shouldered green-skinned warrior as little more than a savage while most of the rest believe him to be a spy. Consequently, Gar has few friends and has become used to expecting the worst from those he meets.
  5. Myev Widow-maker (NG female half-orc fighter 2) A terror on the battlefield, Myers has a way of looking at people that suggests she is plotting their brutal and swift evisceration. She uses a large double-blade axe—her “Widow-maker”—in lieu of any other weapon. For all that, she is popular with her fellows who have got over her strange ways. She—in turn—is incredibly protective of them.
  6. Arnallae Uthliavar (CG female half-elf fighter 3) Arnallae is a restless soul who has served here for a decade or so because she wants to experience the borderland and its perils. She is erratic, but brave. While Arnallae would never put the lives of her fellows in jeopardy, she is easily distracted.
  7. Eohric Llitwin (CN old male human fighter 2) Stocky and grey-haired, Eohric is clearly older than his fellows—who jokingly refer to him as “grandfather”. Eohric is immensely experienced, but now tires easily. He dreams of retiring and living out his days in a tavern, but Eohric is an inveterate gambler. Disastrously, he is also gullible and heavily in debt to certain individuals who want access to his lord’s private chambers. Thus far, Eohric has resisted their advances but as his debts mount he is becoming increasingly desperate.
  8. Valto Sianio (N male human fighter 1) Valto suffers from chronic toothache. With a perpetual grimace on his face, he appears miserable much of the time. Valto’s woes started when he was punched in the face during a training bout. The blow shattered his front teeth and infection soon set in. Now all that remain are blackened stumps.
  9. Gerold Corbie (NE male human thief 3) Ostensibly Gerold is a new recruit to the garrison, but he has a secret. In reality, he is a spy for a rival lord (or perhaps a band of humanoid planning to attack the fort). Unfortunately for Gerold, one of the PCs fits the description of his contact (who he has never met before) and he tries to make contact one night in the tavern. Confusion ensures and if he can talk his way out of his encounter with the PCs, he abandons his mission and flees.
  10. Frida Gall (NG female human fighter 1) Constantly on the edge of exhaustion, Frida has deep bags under her eyes. Bedevilled by nightmares, she rarely sleeps a whole night through and often wakes up screaming. She is not a popular bunk mate, consequently. Desperate for sleep, she has tried all manner of herbal remedies and the faint smell of such often hang in the air around her.


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