10 Minor Dwarven Treasures

Dwarves are supremely skilled craftsmen and many minor things of value lie forgotten and unclaimed in a fallen dwarven hold.


Use the table below, to generate the details of minor treasures the party recover. Alternatively, you can use this table to add detail and depth to the magical items the party find during their adventure.

  1. A plain golden band sized for a dwarf’s finger. On the ring’s inner surface, the name Kilisi Jarbek is carved in tiny dwarven runes.
  2. A bundle of almost impossibly thin silver wire rolled into a bundle snuggly fills a mouldering, nondescript leather pouch.
  3. A set of four small perfectly smooth stone jars with tiny gemstone stoppers. The jars are sized to perhaps hold perfume or spices. A faint sweet scent lingers in one of the jars.
  4. This heavy iron ring bears a crest depicting a crossed warhammer and battle-axe. Dried blood splatters the heavily scratched ring.
  5. This thin sheet of stone, measures about six inches to a side, bears an intricately carved portrait of a smiling dwarven man. He wears large hooped earrings.
  6. A metal cover of beaten brass yet protects the scorched and slashed pages of a thick tome. Dwarven runes—The Passage of Days—are stamped into the brass.
  7. This mouldering pair of dark brown thigh-high leather boots have metal toecaps. The boots’ leather is worn and supple and sized to fit a male dwarf.
  8. A deep groove runs down this dagger’s blade to divert an enemy’s blood away from the wielder’s hand.
  9. A heavy pair of iron knuckledusters fill a dusty, moth-eaten pouch. The knuckledusters are in excellent condition.
  10. This small stone bowl comes with a perfectly sized lid. Magical, heatless fire lurks within the bowl. Removing the lid allows it to shine forth with the radiance of a blazing torch.


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3 thoughts on “10 Minor Dwarven Treasures

  1. lmao what the heck is #7? Is that supposed to be “groove”? and if so, are you doing the “blood groove” thing? grooves in blades are called fullers, and that is not what they are for.

    rest of the list is pretty sweet tho