10 Minor Events for a Kobold Lair

Kobolds are cunning little devils; adventurers brave enough to invade their lair will be shocked to discover the kobolds won’t just sit around waiting to be slaughtered.


Rather, they’ll attack and retreat, luring intruders into the many tricks and traps protecting their lair. Use the following events, to add to the sense of a dynamic defence.

  1. From around a corner, out of sight of the party, comes the quiet, furtive scrabbling sound of claw on stone.
  2. A crossbow bolt whizzes out of the darkness toward the party. The bolt misses and skids down the corridor before splintering against the far wall.
  3. The faint murmur of conversation suddenly cut short reaches the most perceptive—or perhaps most paranoid—PC’s ears. It seemed the conversation came from behind the party.
  4. A sudden gust of wind fills the area, threatening to extinguish any nonmagical unprotected flames such as candles and torches.
  5. The distinctive rattling of a chain breaks the relative quiet. Moments later, the party hear a distinctive thud of something heavy hitting the ground.
  6. The faint smell of wet fur reaches the party’s scout’s nostrils. It grows stronger as the party proceed toward the next lurking defenders—perhaps providing a hint of imminent, impending danger.
  7. A faint piping sound reaches the party’s ears. It might be just the wind or it could be the kobolds communicating with each other. This latter theory seems much more likely as after a few moments, the piping begins from another, unexplored direction.
  8. A clatter—like someone dropping a shield or weapon—echoes through the air.
  9. A nearby, but hidden, kobold begins to taunt the PCs. He starts in the language of the kobolds, but if no-one understands him he switches to broken, high-pitched Common. He questions the PCs’ skills and bravery, and dares them to “come and get me”.
  10. A sudden breeze carries the scent of smoke and fire over the party. Perceptive PCs hear the crackle of flames from somewhere up ahead.

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This article appears in 20 Things #19: Kobold Warren.

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