10 More Kobold Traps

Kobolds have a reputation to maintain when it comes to traps! But limited access to magic and a…less than stellar engineering acumen means they need to be cunning indeed to get the drop on wily adventurers.


Let’s face it: there can only be so many pits before the ten-foot poles are out all the time. Here are another 10 devious traps to bedevil adventurers. Use the table below, to mix things up a bit and keep the PCs guessing:

  1. In the bottom of a covered pit are rows of sharpened stakes coated with snake poison. Someone falling into the pit is impaled on the stakes.
  2. Among rubble and several wooden posts ostensibly holding up the ceiling lies a rucksack. Pulling the rucksack snaps two rigged posts. Large boulders fall where the rucksack lay crushing whoever disturbed that pack (and everyone else within a five-foot radius).
  3. A net of Cavern Orb Spider silk is set beneath tripwires connected to counterweights. When triggered, the net pulls victims upwards. A swarm of spiders living in the net then attack the ensnared intruders.
  4. Earthenware jugs containing fermented troll excrement, pitch and honey are stacked up against the wall. The kobolds light a twine fuse as the party approach which shortly thereafter causes the jars to explode.
  5. Mouldering meat fills a sack. If the sack is opened everything within five-foot is covered in virulent spores of the Cursed Miner’s Cap fungus. The spores cause confusion among those infected.
  6. The kobolds have put two starved snakes in upturned baskets and buried them in dust and light rubble before tying a tripwire between both baskets. When the tripwire is pulled, the upturned baskets release the snakes. They slither forth to assuage their hunger.
  7. Ropes dangle down from a cliff or escarpment. Climbing them dislodges the boulders anchoring them, which tumble down to crush the falling climbers.
  8. Crossing a narrow causeway causes an uneven boulder beneath to shift which releases a rope connected to a stone pillar. This pendulum swings down along the causeway sweeping aside all in its way.
  9. A rickety bridge with phosphorous stones fastened beneath the walkway crosses low over a pit of water and pitch. The party’s weight causes the stones to touch the water. The water reacts with the sulphur in the stones igniting the pitch and setting all it touches alight.
  10. A rope bridge traversing a chasm ends at a gate. Once opened, the gate releases the bridge’s tension ropes. This causes the bridge to collapse into the chasm below.

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