10 Mourners with Personality

Graveyards are places of sorrow and loss. Sometimes, those left behind visit the grave of the beloved departed for closure or (one-sided) conversation. Such folk often keep themselves to themselves, but may see things of interest to adventurers investigating strange goings on in a graveyard.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Use the table below, to determine which mourner the PCs encounter:

  1. Irma Varini (N old female human): Distraught after her husband’s death Irma comes to the graveyard daily to talk with her dead partner. She can often be seen sitting by his grave and sometimes she stays for hours. Her husband was obsessed with appearances and so she pays a groundskeeper to ensure the grave is well tended. It stands in marked contrast to other neglected graves nearby.
  2. Kuno Salii  (NE young male human): Bored and lost after the death of his parents, Kuno wanders the graveyard without any real goal or purpose…except mischief. This thin, pale-faced boy still wears the smart, slightly too big clothes he wore to his parents’ funeral. Although he now lives with his uncle, he is not above trying to get some gold out of kind-hearted, gullible adventurers.
  3. Hogar (NG male half-orc fighter 3): Hogar is angry. He is angry at the disease that took his beloved. He is angry at the clerics who failed to cure her. He is angry at anyone who asks him if he is okay. In short, he is angry and he is looking to take it out on someone. In a disheveled state and clutching a wine flask he sits near his lover’s grave, drinking heavily and muttering to himself. He does not take kindly to distractions or interruptions.
  4. Aenor Hallin (N female human cleric 1): Aenor is a profesional mourner paid to offer daily prayers at a deceased’s grave. She is skilled at fake crying and looks the part—clad in somber black robes and wearing a veil. Always on the lookout for more business, she approaches anyone who appears wealthy hanging around the graveyard, after finishing her most recent prayer. She is softly spoken and respectful, but doesn’t have a lot of time for the living (unless she is being paid).
  5. Onni (dog): With her master dead and buried in the pauper section of the graveyard, Onni has become a graveyard fixture. Her shaggy coat has become a familiar sight about the graveyard; she can often be seen sitting mournfully near her master’s final resting place—a pauper mass grave. A sort of minor celebrity, Onni has become beloved by the groundkeepers who have even built her a small, ramshackle kennel under a tree growing in sight of her master’s grave.
  6. Herleva Taetel (NE female middle-aged human wizard 3): Herleva wanders among the graves and tombs searching for long-lost relatives who are said to be buried  here…or at least that’s what she tells anyone who asks. In reality, she is searching for the resting place of a minor mageling—Lanzo Njars— who died a century ago. Recently, she came across an old diary recounting the mage’s burial that suggested he was buried with certain objects of power she craves.
  7. Ivo Ubi (LG venerable male human paladin 2): Now old, and wizened by the years, Ivo comes to the graveyard to pray at the graves of those of the faith he once knew. He feels cursed to have lived so long—all his friends and comrades are long dead—but is conflicted. Does his long life yet have purpose? Why is his lord not yet ready to call him to his side? Half-blind and partially deaf, Ivo is well known by the graveyard’s caretakers—who let him wander as he will among the tombstones.
  8. Eohric (N male human bard 2): Eohric isn’t a very good singer and wanders among the gravestones while trying to compose an elegy for his beloved pet dog, Inga, who he had buried in his family plot. Eohric isn’t exactly gifted in the brains department and talks incessantly of his lost love. Only exhaustive questioning reveals Inga was a dog.
  9. Cynric Welwyn (NE male human): Brawny and strong, Cynric is digging his own dead sister’s grave. Muttering while he works, he scowls at all who come near and isn’t afraid to tell anyone to mind their own business. Cynric’s sister was recently taken by the plague and he nursed her through her final days. A twist of fate—or perhaps a dark, cosmic joke—has rendered him immune to the plague’s effects, but still left him a carrier meaning he could potentially infect anyone who spends too much time in his presence.
  10. Liuva (CN female half-elf): Yet young, Liuva has watched her human mother age and die. Impetuous, headstrong and now utterly shattered by her mother’s death Liuva sobs by her mother’s grave most days. Bitter, she rails against the unfairness of “her” situation and is looking for answers. Recently, one of the groundsmen—a member of a death cult—has started sounding her out about joining the cult. Liuva is in danger of falling under his sway…

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