10 Passengers with Personality

Most ship’s masters are keen to make as much money as possible from their voyage. Thus, most ships carry a few extra passengers, and the PCs might not be the only such folk onboard.


Other passengers could be nothing more than “window dressing” for the voyage or could spark memorable role-playing moments. They could also serve as hooks for minor adventures or side treks or even become reoccurring characters in the campaign.

Use the table below, to generate the details of notable passengers:

  1. Hild Eddols (N female human): Loud and large, Hild speaks precisely and at great length if given a chance. That, combined with a large head of curly brown hair, makes her easily identifiable even at a decent distance. She habitually wears black clothing. Deep down she is lonely and grabs any opportunity to make a friend.
  2. Praen Osmer (NE middle-aged male human): Slender and well dressed, Praen cares only for himself. Always seemingly with his head buried in a book, he is a voracious reader. During the voyage, he’ll approach the PCs to see if he can borrow a book (or two). Unless the PCs remind him, he’ll “forget” to return it before he disembarks.
  3. Panu Ahokas (CN old male human): Old, scruffily dressed and seemingly perpetually slightly confused, Panu creates chaos and confusion wherever he goes. He is also hard of hearing which adds to the frustration many people feel when dealing with him. Panu has a habit of wandering the deck muttering to himself. Sometimes he tries to coax seabirds to land on his outstretched arm.
  4. Kadal (NE middle-aged male human thief 2) Kadal looks older than he should; worries lines crease his face, and his red nose seems almost comically oversized. Rarely seen without a drink in his hand, Kadal is an alcoholic thief whose luck has finally changed. He’s just pulled off the heist of his life and is fleeing to a distant land with 200 gp in his baggage to live out his retirement. During the voyage, he celebrates his good fortune. A lot.
  5. Aelliah Cyelrae (LG female half-elf): This middle-aged woman wears her long black hair tied back in a bun. Although she seems cheerful, the lines on her face radiate fatigue. The reason for her exhaustion is evident; she carries a baby in a sling across her chest. The baby is restless and spends a lot of time crying, which causes mounting tension as the voyage drags on—particularly during the night when other passengers are trying to sleep.
  6. Haefoc Isgar (N male human fighter 5): This young man sports an impressively rakish moustache which is his pride and joy. Never seen without it waxed and styled, Haefoc is wildly vain. Well-to-do and slightly full of himself, he deems almost everyone to be his social inferior. He is not a popular man and can take offence at the smallest thing. Unfortunately, Haefoc is a skilled duelist, and if he feels his honour is besmirched, he’ll challenge the offending character to a duel (to first blood). Most of the sailors avoid him.
  7. Fardulf Chellas (CG male human fighter 2): Although otherwise fit and healthy, Fardulf needs the use of a walking stick to hobble about on account of his deformed left leg. He maintains he was born with the deformity, but perceptive PCs may suspect he is lying. In reality, he is suffering the debilitating effects of a pernicious curse put upon him by a spurned lover. Fardulf believes if he gets far enough away from her the curse will fade.
  8. Otgar Nihiel (N male human cleric 3): With a beard as wild and unruly as an untended rhododendron bush, at first glance, Otgar looks to be a freakishly tall dwarf. A devotee of the sea god, Otgar is always voyaging on one ship or another. Captains offer him free passage in exchange for his prayers for calm seas and a good wind. He leads a service every morning to his lord; all are welcome to attend.
  9. Duluali Aldarrae (CG female elf magic-user 3): Swathed in a thick cloak and with a hat pulled down low over her face, Duluali is deeply uncomfortable at sea. The constant motion of the waves and the utter lack of any vegetation deeply disturbs her, and she is miserable. However, this voyage is necessary for her research; a sage in a distant land has a copy of a particularly rare book she wishes to study. Of the book’s identity, she will not speak.
  10. Semni Edfu (LE male human fighter 3): A mercenary bodyguard, Semni is once again searching for a new employer after a series of misunderstandings over the exact wording of his most recent contract. He tells anyone listening, at great length, it is not his fault his employer didn’t understand the agreement and goes on and on about his personal honour and how his word is his bond. Ruggedly handsome with short black hair and brooding eyes he is a bit of a ladies man. He prides himself on never lying, but sometimes what he does not say is as eloquent as what he does say.

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