10 Pieces of Kobold Lair Dressing

A kobold warren should be a flavoursome dungeon locale rife with unique details that speaks to the kobolds’ presence and their activities.

Use the table below, to add some minor points of interest to your kobolds’ warren.

  1. A few scraps of mottled blue and brown scales lie on the floor below a rocky protrusion in the wall.
  2. Strange runes scrawled on the wall in the language of dragons speak of the kobolds’ destiny to rule the world and their inevitable triumph over the “big folk”.
  3. Crude drawings of a gigantic dragon surrounded by bowing and scrapping kobolds decorate the whole wall. The dragon is depicted as munching on something. Careful observation because reveals a tiny pair of legs sticking out of its mouth.
  4. A coil of thin string lies neatly against one wall. One end is tied to a small iron peg hammered into the ground. The peg has been painted to blend in with its surrounds. A discarded hammer and another peg lie against the opposite wall.
  5. A small pile of rubble—more the start of a breastwork—about three-foot high partially blocks access to the area beyond. A broken spear sized for a kobold lies discarded on the floor. The spear is missing its tip, and dried blood coats the shaft’s upper portion.
  6. A small carven niche in the wall holds a large horned skull that glowers down at all who pass. Investigation reveal the skull to be that of a minotaur.
  7. A pile of rotting wood lies against one wall. It is riddled with centipedes and seems to almost writhe like some kind of sentient worm creature.
  8. A ragged, filthy half-curtain hangs from the ceiling to about four-foot above the floor. the kobolds can easily move and see under the curtain but it obscures taller creatures’ vision.
  9. The heavy stench of wet dog and the faint smell of smoke hang in the air. The smell is stronger closer to the floor.
  10. Water oozes down one wall into a small pool of scummy water. A ring of mould surrounds the pool, which is really nothing more than a large puddle.

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