10 Remarkable Rings

One-dimensional, unremarkable treasure is boring. Adding interesting descriptions to treasure adds depth, detail and verisimilitude to the GM’s campaign.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Of course, a GM doesn’t have time to slavishly detail every piece of treasure in his campaign. That’s where the list below comes in handy.

The GM can use these descriptions to bring to life the ring wrenched from the corpse of a defeated foe, as a wizard PC’s bonded item or as a gift from a grateful patron or master. However they are used, the descriptions below are inherently more interesting than, “It’s a magic ring.”

Use the table below, to determine the ring’s appearance or pick a description from the list that best suits its powers.

  1. This band of burnished silver has patches of obvious wear and a few nicks and scrapes mar its surface.
  2. Intricate etchings of wind-blown leaves cover this golden band. Worn runes—possibly of Elvish origin—decorate the ring’s inner surface, but what they say is impossible to determine.
  3. This gold band has three small glimmering stones set within; two glow with a faint reddish light while the third glows with a pale white luminosity.
  4. This golden band has been forged in the shape of a serpent eating its own tail. The serpent is so finely detailed it eyes and fangs are visible as are the tiny scales covering its body.
  5. A small rent in the side of this iron ring almost split the band in twain. The repair—while not crude—is clearly visible.
  6. A single setting holding an overly large crystal dominates this otherwise plain, but exquisitely forged ring. The crystal glows with faint red, blue and yellow hues.
  7. This thick, smooth platinum ring would be heavy but for the score or so of holes punched through its band. These holes—of many different sizes—are of various geometric shapes. There doesn’t seem to be a recognisable pattern to the holes’ placement.
  8. This ring seems to have been carved from a lump of white-flecked granite. The outer edge is jagged and uneven while the inner band is worn smooth through use. It always feels cool to the touch.
  9. This silvery ring is in perfect condition. Its highly polished band glimmers in the light and astute PCs may realise it is crafted from pure mithral! Tiny esoteric symbols etched into the inner band speak of the union of magic and the natural world.
  10. This signet ring is emblazoned with the image of a shooting star hurtling downwards. The ring itself is of beaten gold, and the shooting star etching is picked out with silver.

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