10 Remarkable Scroll Cases

One-dimensional, unremarkable treasure is boring. Adding interesting descriptions to treasure adds depth, detail and verisimilitude to the GM’s campaign.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)



Of course, a GM doesn’t have time to slavishly detail every piece of treasure in his campaign. That’s where the list below comes in handy.

The GM can use these descriptions to add interest to the scroll cases found during the PCs’ adventures. Almost every spellcaster carries—or hopes to carry one or more scrolls—but we rarely get any cool details about the scroll case itself. However you use these descriptions they are inherently more interesting than, “It’s a scroll case.”

Use the table below, to determine the scroll case’s appearance or pick a description from the list that best suits its owner or the locale in which it is found.

  1. Of bleached bone, this long scroll case was once the leg bone of some tall creature. Stoppered at one end with a bone plug a leather cap fits over the other.
  2. Of stretched and hardened leather, this scroll case is surprisingly rigid. Investigation reveals, the leather is stretched over a framework of thin, but strong, copper wire.
  3. Decorated with various sigils of esoteric power, this leather scroll case is soft and malleable. The sigils look freshly painted and a faint, undefinable smells hangs over the case.
  4. This seemingly unremarkable leather scroll case comprises a cleverly constructed wooden framework. It conceals a hidden compartment at one end big enough for a few gems or coins (or perhaps even a potion vial).
  5. Rather oddly, this wooden scroll case opens by pulling the two ends apart, rather than unscrewing one end. The wood is highly polished and stained a deep brown, but is dented at one end—as if dropped.
  6. Tiny panes of multi-coloured stained glass decorate the exterior of this over-sized scroll case. Within, the case holds several distinct sections making the storage and sorting of several scrolls easy. The case’s glass decorations glimmer enticingly in direct light.
  7. Painted white, this scroll case bears a single sigil—a cloud from which several lightning bolts rain downwards—upon its surface (the personal rune of it owner).
  8. This cast iron scroll tube is four times as heavy as a normal scroll case. Etched with pictures of intertwined dragons, it is an object of beauty and could be used as an improvised bludgeoning weapon in extremis.
  9. Plated in silver, this ornate scroll case decorated with etchings of interwoven geometric shapes is a work of art. At first glance, it appears to be worth 5 gp, but a careful examination reveals it to actually be worth 50 gp.
  10. The two ends of this scroll case are connected by a three-foot long length of rope. The two ends are pull away from each other to reach the scroll within. One end of the case is painted blue, while the other is painted red.

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3 thoughts on “10 Remarkable Scroll Cases

  1. I had a couple of scroll cases that had some green slime in the caps of the case. If you didn’t open it ‘correctly’ then the caps broke open and the slime destroyed the case…