10 Remarkable Unholy Symbols

The exact appearance of an unholy symbol depends on the cleric’s faith. However, some unholy symbols are more than they first appear.

Dagon's Sigil by Matt Morrow


Use the table below, to generate a special characteristic for unholy symbol in questions:

  1. This unholy symbol has a secret compartment; it contains a single platinum piece wrapped in scraps of cloth so that it does not rattle.
  2. This holy symbol has a secret compartment; it contains scraps of bone and hair—remnants of a great hero of the faith. The owner believed they imbued the symbol with extra power.
  3. This steel unholy symbol has one particularly sharp edge; close examination reveals dried blood smeared over the metal edge.
  4. This holy symbol has several spikes. Close examination reveals a hidden compartment inside designed to hold poison which affects anyone stabbed or cut with the spikes. The compartment can hold two doses of poison.
  5. This unholy symbol at first appears to be made of silver; however, it is obviously too light to be solid silver; it is actually a wooden covered in silver paint and is essentially worthless.
  6. This unholy symbol is very old; the finer details have been worn smooth by time and the symbol is in poor repair.
  7. This large, heavy symbol is made of some kind of dense, dark grey metal; it resists damage but has a long crack down one edge. The symbol was once the phylactery of a power lich in the service of the same dark power; if it was to be repaired, it is possible the lich could return to unlife.
  8. This metal unholy symbol comprises the melted down remains of several holy symbols; some of their details yet remain. Observant PCs can make out several different good-aligned defaced symbols on its surface.
  9. Large and unwieldy, this unholy symbol is sized for a giant. Clips allow the symbol to be “opened” and the whole to be worn as a necklace (or collar).
  10. This unholy symbol hangs from a particularly long chain that allows it to be worn at navel height. Some of the chain’s links are particularly worn.

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