10 Signs of a Shipwreck

Shipwrecks can be a good source of loot for adventurers who don’t mind getting wet. Finding shipwrecks, though, without exhaustive searching or using magic can be difficult. However, perceptive PCs may notice subtle clues as to a shipwreck’s whereabouts.
By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

Use the table below, to determine what clue gives away the ship’s location:
  1. A dark shadow under the water betrays the presence of a wrecked ship.
  2. A school of fish fills the waters around the shipwreck attracted to the decomposing bodies and food trapped therein. In turn, this profession of fish has attracted predators—several sharks lurk in the nearby water feeding on the fish.
  3. A lone, forlorn mast complete with crow’s nest peaks above the surface of the water.
  4. White water breaks on rocks lurking mere feet below the turbulent water’s surface.
  5. Wooden flotsam bobs in the water. Broken crates, shattered spars dragging rigging behind them and more all point to a ship going down in the area.
  6. Several shards of rock thrust above the ocean. White spray bursts against their flanks. Amid the seething water, pieces of wood are dashed against the rocks.
  7. A rowboat bobs gently in the swell, still attached to the wreck resting on the seabed via a long line. Within the rowboat lies the bloated, decomposing remains of a solitary survivor.
  8. Like a gigantic manta ray, the ship’s sail floats in the water. A tangled mass of rigging links it to the wreck.
  9. A flock of birds circles above the site of the shipwreck. In the water, birds perch upon the bloated bodies of drowned sailors and peck and tear at their flesh.
  10. The ship came to grief on a upthrust shard of rock lurking just below the water’s surface. Pieces of the wreck—the splintered remains of the ship’s bow—yet rest on the rock while the remainder of the wreck lies on the seabed below.

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