10 Statues to Find in a Medusa’s Lair

Classic monsters of mythology (and of many adventures), like basilisks medusas are much feared for their terrifying ability to turn flesh to stone.

Fallen Statue by Matt Morrow

Fallen Statue by Matt Morrow


One of the key components of a medusa’s lair are the petrified statues of those who have come before the PCs. Use the table below, to generate the details of such individuals. To further tailor the results the GM should modify the races of the various statues to take into account the surrounding locales.

  1. A goblin crouches on the floor. It has its hands over its eyes, but clearly it could not resist seeing its doom approach. Observant PCs note the unfortunate was petrified because it was peeking between its fingers.
  2. This large, muscular human warrior has been petrified in the act of charging. His axe is held high over his head and his face is twisted into a terrible snarl. As the warrior was petrified while running forward, the statue is finely balanced; anyone moving passed it has a good chance of knocking it over and smashing it.
  3. Smashed rubble surrounds this statue which is missing from the waist up. The figure seems to have been a human or elf based on his legs and waist and was wearing fine flowing robes.
  4. A snarling wolf stands in the centre of the area, hackles raised and teeth barred. Slightly behind the wolf, and to one side, stands a female half-elf dressed in leather armour. The half-elf is pointing deeper into the cave.
  5. This statue of an orc wielding a huge falchion is missing its head. Its legs are set wide and the falchions pulled back as if the orc were ready to strike.
  6. Seemingly partially melded with a wall—but actually practically filling a small niche at floor level—lies the statue of a halfling, a stone dagger clenched between its teeth.
  7. A stone warrior holds his shield up in front of his eyes and his short sword down low ready to murderously rip the weapon up into his opponent’s belly.
  8. This heavily overburdened human woman wears an oversized backpack and holds a lantern outstretched in front of her. A look of horror mars her otherwise attractive features.
  9. This small rat was petrified in the act of looking around the stony legs of another statue.
  10. Bones surround this statue of an adventurer caught as he looked back over his shoulder. From the stance of the statue—and the skull and spinal cord still draped about it—it looks like the adventurer was carrying a dead or unconscious companions when he was petrified.


This article is dedicated to Tim Ayres; if anyone can fail a saving throw to resist a petrification effect—it’s him!

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