10 Strange Things Washed Up by the Sea


The sea hides many secrets in its unfathomable depths. Sometimes—after storms or particularly high tides—it gives up some of its secrets.

A Lonely Beach by Matt Morrow

Some of the entries below describe nothing more than a minor discovery of interest. Others could serve as a hook to a subsequent encounter or even a small adventure. Use the table below, to determine what strange thing wash up on the beach:

  1. A once ornate now battered high-backed chair, lies half-buried in the sand. Much of its back is blackened and scorched. Ornate carvings of intertwined serpents cover the chair’s arms, legs and back.
  2. The decomposing body of a huge serpent lies stretched out along the beach. The corpse—fully 30-foot long—gives off a terrible stench. A huge chunk is missing from just behind the serpent’s head. PCs examining the corpse can make out disturbingly large teeth marks around the missing chunk.
  3. A ship’s figurehead lies on its side, draped in a great curtain of sickly-looking yellow seaweed. The figurehead–once a beautiful mailed warrior woman–has lost its right arm; half its face is smashed and splintered.
  4. Washed up on the beach, perhaps 50-foot apart–lie two decomposing tentacles. Each is about ten-foot long and ends in a ragged stump–clearly they were ripped off (perhaps in some titanic struggle).
  5. One end of a ship’s mast bobs in their surf. The mast’s other end floats in deeper water. Investigations reveal a sailor’s bloated, decomposing corpse lashed to the submerged part of the mast. His skull is caved in.
  6. Tangled in a mass of brown seaweed lurks the horribly disfigured corpse of a tremendously ugly human. He has large, bulgy eyes and unnaturally webbed feet and hands. His throat has been cut.
  7. An abandoned rowboat floats low in the water, a short distance from shore. Aboard all is disorder and chaos. Water fills the bottom of the boat. A finely carved strange wooden carving, depicting an octopus with a human’s head, is hidden in a compartment in the bow.
  8. The tip of a large bronze-coloured scale peaks above the tide at the high tide mark. Knowledgable PCs identify it as a bronze dragon’s scale. Given its size–roughly that of a buckler–it came from an ancient dragon.
  9. A carpet of dead crabs covers the beach. None have any obvious injuries, but all seem subtly discoloured; many of their shells having a suggestion of pale grey mottling.
  10. Strange, disturbing shapes mar the sand. A great swath is churned up as if many folk have walked there. Off to one side–perched upon a chunk of rock emerging from the sand–stands a precariously balanced cone-shaped pillar of stones piled one atop another.

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