10 Suspiciously Detailed Dungeon Fountains

In the minds of adventurers, fountains set in dungeons fill the same niche as pools. Their waters could have magic qualities or—at the least—treasure might lie within!

By Matt Morrow

By Matt Morrow


Dungeons often feature fountains—their inhabitants must drink, after all. Some pools surrounding such fountains might even have magic powers! At the least, something interesting might lie in the pool.

In my own Borderland of Adventure campaign, such interesting features are often the catalyst for a veritable tidal wave of skill checks and experimental drinking. Use the following table to determine what the characters find in the fountain:

  1. A smattering of coins—mainly silver and copper—lie at the bottom of the pool. They glint invitingly in the party’s lights.
  2. A school of tiny fish dart about the fountain’s pool. The fish are brightly coloured, and hard to catch; they live under the fountain itself in a series of small niches and flee therein if anything large enters the pool’s waters.
  3. The bottom of the pool is suspicious pristine—as it if had been recently cleaned.
  4. A single sodden leather boot lies at the bottom of the pool.
  5. Dried blood mars the fountain’s low, decorative wall. Perceptive characters spot several oversized teeth at the bottom of the pool.
  6. The water in the pool is lower than normal, and is draining out through a crack at the bottom of the pool. A large chunk of masonry fallen from above lies over part of the crack—and hints at its origin!
  7. The fountain has fallen into the pool. Water no longer flows here, and the pool is stagnant. Bright green and yellow mould clings to the damaged fountain, in thick clumps.
  8. A single skull grins up at the party from the bottom of the pool.
  9. Fronds of some kind of aquatic plant, swaying in the current, grows in the pool. Their thick growth obscures sight of several platinum pieces dropped here long ago as an offering to the goddess of luck.
  10. The fountain is set to only spurt water when someone approaches the pool. Thus, the fountain starts jetting forth water moments after the party arrive in the area. Paranoid adventurers may suspect a trap.

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7 thoughts on “10 Suspiciously Detailed Dungeon Fountains

  1. I love putting fountains and pools in dungeons. My players, for many years, would look for hidden rooms, if they didn’t find a fountain while they explored the dungeon. Thanks for more great dungeon setting ideas.