10 Things to Find in a Giant’s Sack

Fearsome foe of epic strength and prodigious frame, giants carry their loot and possessions in great bags across their backs.  Sadly, most giants are dim witted, lumbering brutes prone to collecting that which piques their fancy.

By Bradley K. McDevitt

By Bradley K. McDevitt


While they likely have gathered some objects of true worth from their victims, they will also have gathered other odds and ends. Use this table, to determine what odds and ends the PCs find in the giant’s sack.

  1. A freshly killed sheep, its wool coat covered in drying blood fills the sack. Its skull has been shattered.
  2. The giant has been busy carving a new club. Slightly more artistic than his fellows he is carving the head of the club to resemble a gigantic fist. Along with the club, the bag contains wood shavings, off cuts, a battered battle-axe and a dulled handaxe.
  3. Three throwing stones along with a small wrought iron coffer fill the sack. The coffer is locked and dented. It contains 27 sp, 135 gp along with a broken potion vial. The inside of the coffer smells slightly of cinnamon.
  4. Several branches ripped from a bush or tree—destined to be kindling for the giant’s next fire. One of the largest could be used as a club, in a pinch.
  5. The giant has been hunting wolves. Its bag contains four bloody wolf pelts and a rusty longsword that once belonged to a human warrior. The giant uses it to skin his kills.
  6. The bag contains a half empty, battered barrel of thin, vinegary red wine. The cask leaks slightly and the bottom of the sack is damp. In extremis, the giant uses the barrel as a missile weapon.
  7. The giant recently discovered some shards of rock studded with a glittering ore. Entranced, he collected the shards and they are now his treasured possessions. Sadly, the glittering ore is fool’s gold and worth nothing.
  8. This giant delights in harvesting the heads of those he has slain. He keeps his trophies in a bloodstained bag that reeks of dried blood and decomposing flesh.
  9. A tremendously varied mix of ripped and torn clothes fills this sack. The clothes are of a variety of styles and sizes. A smaller sack also contains a roasted haunch of some unidentifiable meat.
  10. The remains of a large canvas tent and a long length of rope fill this sack. A crude hole has been cut in the tent. (The giant uses the stained tent as a poncho of sorts).

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