10 Things to Find in a Goblin Chieftain’s Room

Goblin chieftains are often the cleverest, most cunning and violent members of the tribe. As such they have their own chambers and here can be found the choicest, least tasteful decorations and features.


Use the table below, to determine minor features of interest the PCs discover in a goblin chief’s personal chamber:

  1. This chieftain has a throne—well an ornate wooden chair—standing at the centre of a rickety wooden platform. The “throne” looks like the kind of chair you’d find at a noble’s dining room table, but it has seen better days. A faded red cushion provides a modicum of comfort for the chief.
  2. Dirty, frayed rugs cover the floor. Arrayed in a haphazard pattern, they comprehensively conceal what lies beneath. Paranoid PCs might suspect pits lurk beneath. Indeed, the rugs directly in front of the chief’s throne have several suspiciously large dried bloodstains.
  3. A weapon rack—probably looted from some merchant’s wagon—stands against one wall. Most of the weapons displayed are too small for the rack and have fallen through. They lean against the wall behind or lie under the rack.
  4. Dozens of small niches pierce the chamber’s walls. They contain red candle stubs and macabre bone decorations. Much wax has dripped down the walls giving the impression the haphazardly placed niches have been bleeding.
  5. A curtain—comprising small bones threaded on thin metal wire—divides the chamber in two. Beyond lies the chieftain’s bed chamber. It is virtually impossible to pass beyond the curtain without making noise.
  6. Crude paintings—little more than stickmen—decorate the walls in simplistic battle scenes. The red stickmen—who have large, pointy ears—seem to be beating the others.
  7. A crude painting of an oversized goblin standing in a heroic stance wearing a shiny crown decorates one wall. Other goblins are shown bowing down before the crown-wearing goblin.
  8. A large, battered chest, with its lid open, stands against one wall. Filled with a riot of different clothes, blankets and other odds and ends, it serves as the chief’s personal wardrobe. Many of the items were obviously made for human-sized people and have been crudely altered. All are filthy
  9. A small pen comprising four empty, battered chests with their lids propped open fills one corner of the chamber. Therein, the chieftain keeps his pets—a family of five giant rats. The rats are feral, but recognise their master and do not attack him.
  10. A battered stone statue of a human warrior stands against one wall. The statue is battered and chipped up to about chest height—as if someone had used it as a target. The warrior’s nose has snapped off, but otherwise the statue’s upper portions are in pristine condition.

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