10 Things to Find in a Goblin Common Room

Goblin common rooms are filthy, disease ridden places. Here the tribe comes together to eat, celebrate and–sometimes–live; in many tribes, the lesser goblins live together in a state bordering on anarchy.

By Scott Harshbarger. All rights reserved.


It stands to reason, the PCs are bound to search any goblin common room they discover. Use the table below, to determine what minor feature of interest they uncover.

  1. This chamber is filthy. Rubbish overflows from niches in the wall. The place smells of sweat and rotting food.
  2. This part of the chamber is divided off from the rest by a rickety fence held together with twine. Beyond lies a sleeping blanket big enough for three goblins, and other odds and ends.
  3. A perceptive PC spots one of the piles of bedding heaped against the wall moving slightly. Investigation reveals a terrified goblin child buried deeply within. It offers no resistance while crying (loudly) for its mummy.
  4. A blackened iron cauldron hangs over a crude fire pit. The surrounding floor is blackened and splattered with what could be dried stew and other unsavoury things. A large ladle hangs from a hook nearby. Stew of some unidentifiable sort bubbles gently in the cauldron.
  5. Filthy, flea-infested woollen blankets hung from the ceiling provide a modicum of privacy in this small part of the common room. Within lies the lair of a tribal champion.
  6. A crude target stuffed with rags hangs from the wall. Scores of near misses pockmark the wall nearby.
  7. A jumbled skull display fills a shelf high up on one wall. Several of the skulls have rolled off the shelf and lie on the floor. Many of them bear signs of stabbing and slashing wounds.
  8. The stench from one corner of the room is unbearable. A crude wooden platform with a hole in it covers a small narrow pit hacked into the floor. This is the goblins’ latrine.
  9. A jumbled mass of sacks, battered boxes and so-on serves as the tribe’s food storage area. Many of the bags and sack contain mouldering or stale food. Perceptive PCs searching the pile discover two flasks of decent red wine lost in its depths.
  10. Four barrels lined up surprisingly neatly against one wall hold the tribe’s home-brewed beer and hard spirits. The drinks are uniformly horrible and not for the weak of stomach. Any PC having more than a sip is liable to wake up the next morning with terrible stomach cramps and a pounding headache.

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