10 Things to Find in a Goblin Guard Room

Although seen by other races as little more than short, mad homicidal maniacs, goblins are at least slightly organised. Normally, the entrance to the tribe’s lair, or the approaches to the chieftain’s chambers, will be guarded.


Use the table below, to determine what minor features of interest the PCs find in a goblin guard room.

  1. A battered table stands in roughly the centre of the chamber. Its legs have been haphazardly hacked off to suit the goblins’ size. The two benches have been treated in a similar fashion, but one of them stands at a distinct angle. The remains of a meal and several wineskins lie scattered across the table.
  2. A hung woollen blanket hides a small alcove. The alcove within stinks. The stench is overpowering near a small crack in the floor. The goblin guards use this area as a toilet.
  3. A faded, frayed rug covers the floor directly in front of the door. It once displayed a crude pattern of blue and red swirls, but time and the goblins’ attentions have destroyed its details. (A cruel GM may rule the carpet covers a hollow in the ground; the goblins have used a mixture of loose soil and caltrops to create a nasty surprise for unsuspecting intruders).
  4. A complicated mass of taut tripwires fills the passageway leading away from the guardroom. These tripwires are not attached to anything, but are designed to slow down cautious intruders. (Perceptive PCs notice some have come loose and just lie on the ground.)
  5. A large pile of firewood is stacked haphazardly along one wall. Nearby, a fire pit smoulders; soot blackens the stone above, but a crack in the ceiling draws away most of the smoke.
  6. As #5, but the pile is rigged to collapse and is held in place by several large wooden pegs rammed into the floor. If one of the pegs is removed the pile collapses—loudly—creating an area of difficult terrain. Characters adjacent to the front of the pile may be knocked over when it collapses.
  7. Battered chests, earth-filled sacks and other rubbish forms a three-foot high breastwork running across the chamber.
  8. As #1 above, but the goblins were in the middle of a simple dice game when interrupted. Three sets of bone dice and a smattering of copper coins and other odds and ends lie scattered across the table.
  9. Crude frescos of goblins butchering and dismembering their enemies decorate the chamber’s walls.
  10. The smell of sweat and something sweeter hangs heavily in the air. The goblins have got a small fire going and a pot of something bubbles over it. Investigations reveal they were boiling a pot of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

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