10 Things to Loot from a Tomb Robber’s Body

Tomb robbers are drawn to necropolises like moths to a flame. Some escape the necropolis with ancient treasures while others find their eternal rest among the dust and bones of an elder time. Sometimes—beyond mouldering and rusty equipment—these unfortunates possessed objects of minor interest at the time of their death.

Small Treasure Hoard: William McAusland (Outland Arts)

Small Treasure Hoard: William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Us the table below, to determine what the PCs find on the tomb robber’s body:

  1. A yet supple, tightly coiled silk rope fills the bottom of this robber’s pack. A light-weight iron grapple hook forged to look like a grasping hand is attached to one end.
  2. Clutched in one hand, this corpse still holds a partial map of the necropolis. The faded markings upon it show the robber’s route from the its main entrance to where he fell.
  3. The robber’s belt pouch holds several golden trinkets looted from nearby tombs. Wrapped in dirty linen, the pouch holds three tarnished small silver rings and a worn bracelet worth a total of 70 gp.
  4. Much of this thieves’ tools are rusted or broken. However, one pouch yet holds a small, hand-held magnifying glass and several small brushes suitable for carefully brushing away dust and other small pieces of debris.
  5. A burnt-out torch lies near this robber’s body. A search of his pack reveals no other light sources.
  6. This robber carried with him a hammer and several chisels of various sizes all wrapped in a long strip of supple, worn leather.
  7. Clad all in black, this robber also wore thigh-high leather boots that are in excellent repair.
  8. This robber wore two whistles around his neck on a long leather thong. The first is shaped like a dog’s head and emits a sound too high pitched for humans to hear. The second is shaped like a feather and produces the lovely sound of bird song when blown.
  9. Bulging pouches hang from this robber’s belt. Sadly, they do not contain loot; instead the dead thief filled them with every conceivable tool he might need. The kit weighs twice as much as normal, but provides a small bonus to attempts made to pick locks or disarm traps.
  10. This robber was carrying a bulging sack, when he met his fate. From the fallen sack lying close to one out-stretched hand have tumbled several skulls, some still festooned with wisps of hair. What the robber wanted with such grizzly treasure is unknown.

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