10 Things to See in an Abandoned Building

Adventurers often seem to explore abandoned buildings. Whether it be a (reputedly) haunted manor house, a peasant’s home in a ruined village or even the demesne of a mysteriously disappeared wizard such places make excellent adventure sites.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Use the table below, to add minor points of interest to the party’s exploration.

  1. Pieces of one of the internal wooden walls have been ripped out and are missing. Perhaps the looters took them for repairs to their own home or for firewood.
  2. The building’s front door hangs crazily from one hinge and creaks in the wind.
  3. A small pile of wind-driven leaves covers the floor just inside the building’s front door.
  4. Graffiti etched into one wall speaks of the sexual proclivities of several local folk. None of the messages are complimentary.
  5. A wooden chair—one leg broken off—lies on its side on the floor.
  6. All the debris—broken furniture, smashed odds and ends and so on—has been swept to one side of this room. Any external windows have been boarded up from the inside; all signs point to someone surreptitiously using this room as an impromptu camp.
  7. While several pieces of large furniture remain—everything else of value has gone. Either the looters were particularly skilled (or desperate) or the owners took everything with them when they left.
  8. Several pieces of the roof are missing. Consequently, rain has penetrated the buildings; small pools lie on the floor in several places and the smells of damp and rot pervade the structure.
  9. The hearth stone has been pull up and aside and a hole dug underneath it. Whatever treasure once lay there has long since been found.
  10. Birds nest in the rafters. Consequently, white streaks of excrement cover the floor. If explorers enter the room holding the nest, the birds burst forth in a cacophony of squawking and feathers.

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