10 Travellers with Personality

Borderland forts can be busy places. Adventurers often lurk in such places planning their forays into the wilderness. The presence of such folk—along with the needs of a garrison and its attendant folk—can bring many people to the fort. Pedlars, merchants, thieves and even other adventurers often visit such places.


Use the table below, to generate details of particularly interesting or noteworthy travellers the PCs meet at the fort.

  1. Ahualhar Hafeltyrr (NG male elf fighter 4) A bowyer and fletcher in search of work, Ahualhar has come to the fort after hearing rumours the lord is a keen archer. This tall, slender elf carries a beautifully crafted longbow and leads a donkey whose saddlebags are stuffed full of arrows and the tools of his trade. Perhaps, a few arrows are magical or otherwise exceptional; they might even be for sale.
  2. Jarani Darzak (LN female dwarf fighter 2) A skilled stonemason—and equally skilled drinker—Jarani is at the fort to bid on some repair work. While waiting to see the lord, she spends her time either in the tavern or poking about the fortifications. She’s got into several blazing rows with guards who have stopped her accessing certain parts of the fortress and—as a result—is in a foul mood.
  3. Ossi Eskola (CN male human thief 2) Fleeing extensive debts in his home town, portly Ossi has come to the borderlands to lose himself. Still dressed in his finest—travel-stained—robes Ossi’s purse grows light and he has begun to belatedly realise he has no long-term plan. Seeing the PCs as a potential source of wealth he tries to ingratiate himself with the party—offering to act as their intermediary in trade matters and so forth.
  4. Varma Keto (NG female human) Varma is a cook—a good one by all accounts—without an employer. She has fled to the borderlands after her last employer and his whole family died of food poisoning (or perhaps just poisoning as the rumours suggest). She is guiltless of any foul doings, but has no way of proving her innocence. Coming to the end of her funds, she is getting desperate.
  5. Marra Sharpeye (NG middle-aged female halfling fighter 1/thief 2) Marra is a mother on a mission. Her son—Kallon Sharpeye—was last heard of at the fort with a band of adventurers. They disappeared into the wilderness six months ago and have not been heard of since. A retired adventurer herself, she is frantic with worry and is only a few sleepless nights away from striking out alone in search of her son.
  6. Alaric (CN young male human) This scrawny, dirty urchin came to the fort with a merchant caravan. The caravan moved on without him—Alaric was stealing food from the kitchens at the time—and is now trapped here. With no friends and no resources, he has been alternately stealing from, or relying on the kindness of, strangers.
  7. Pinafen Barrick (NE male gnome thief 6) Pinafen might look like a kindly scribe for hire, but he isn’t. In fact, Pinafen is a serial murderer whose black, twisted heart knows neither mercy or pity. He stalks the borderlands, moving from community to community and leaves a trail of hideously mutilated bodies in his wake. If the PCs are leaving—but not plunging into the wilderness—he tries to travel with them (for “protection”).
  8. Ishild Salii (N female human) A singer of some minor renown, Ishild cuts a striking figure in her stage garb. Off stage, she is shy and retiring, but on stage she has a captivating presence. Often besieged by male admirers she hates the attention and hates even more asking for payment for her singing. Thus, she is perpetually in need of funds. Ideally, she’d like a wealthy patron…
  9. Jarel Dellode (N male dwarf) Jarel is headstrong, certain of his own brilliance—in all manner of professions and skills— and is also spectacularly misplaced in his confidence. Nothing is ever Jarel’s fault and he often proves he is right by shouting louder than the other person. He has come to the fort because several of the businesses here owe him money (as he sees it). The aforementioned businesses see it another way—everything he has supplied them has been either substandard or has fallen apart almost immediately.
  10. Firatis Rumnaleir (LG female elf magic-user 5) Firatis is a minor wizard and skilled teacher. She has been engaged to teach the children of the wealthy folk at the fort. She spends much of her time teaching and much of the rest of the time resting or reading in her rooms at the inn. Sometimes—when the mood takes her—she wanders the fort’s surrounds. Like many of her race, she can move stealthily and has thus far avoided contact with the region’s monstrous denizens.

Note: Characters listed above without a class or level should be viewed as a normal example of their race.


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