10 Wights Doing 10 Things

Slumbering in their ancient, weed-blanketed mounds wights are implacable foes of the living who prey on any daring to intrude upon their eternal rest.


Warped and twisted by the necrotic energies coursing through their bodies wights are grotesque parodies of what they once were. A wight’s merest touch can sap the life force from its foe. Those its slays often arise shortly thereafter as one of the undead.

Use the tables below, to breathe life into the wights in your campaign.

What’s the Wight Doing?

The wight…

  1. Is sleeping—or at least pretending to sleep.
  2. Is scratching at the walls and floor; such markings cover the walls and floor.
  3. Has been driven mad by its unlife and is muttering and cackling to itself.
  4. Has caught a live rat (or other small vermin) and is slowly skinning it. The PCs hear the rat’s pitiful squeals before they encounter the wight.
  5. Is gnawing on a bone.
  6. Is rifling through its treasure in search of a beloved item. It is distracted and does not hear the PCs’ approach.
  7. Wiles away the unending days by sharpening its claws and teeth.
  8. Is singing a half-remembered song in a terrible high-pitched voice. The loathsome sound echoes through the barrow.
  9. Is lying in wait for intruders.
  10. Was once a warrior; it is practising swordplay against its own shadow.

What’s the Wight Look Like?

The wight…

  1. Has luminous red eyes that glow—and flicker—with the intensity of a candle.
  2. Is in an advanced state of decay; its putrid flesh hangs from its frame.
  3. Is missing its stomach; white ribs and spine are visible through the rotting viscera.
  4. Has long, lank jet black hair hanging down almost to its waist. When it shakes its head, the hair swirls upward like a medusa’s snake-hair.
  5. Is a hulking brute; in life, the wight was a strong man and even withered by death its bulk is impressive.
  6. Yet wears its burial finery, although the once ostentatious clothes are now faded, torn and mouldy.
  7. Wears a long necklace of copper hung with several good luck charms; they chime softly as the creature moves.
  8. Is cloaked with death’s stench. The smell is intense; the wight’s noxious stench may overcome those with weak stomachs.
  9. Is nude; its body is horribly decomposed—bones and shrivelled organs are visible.
  10. Is in a remarkable state of preservation. At first glance, it could pass for one of the living.

Want More?

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