1,000 Abnormal Ettins

The two-headed ettin is a ferocious, unpredictable hunter. Cunning fighters, but generally unintelligent, they are ambush predators who fight viciously until all their foes are dead.

By Dave Allsop


Perhaps related to hill or stone giants, orc blood also runs through an ettin’s veins. They are powerful warriors and sometimes are served by orc or goblin minions.

Use the tables below, to add depth and flavour to any ettins the PCs encounter.

A standard ettin appears thusly:

This filthy, fat lumbering giant wears tattered leather armour. Bizarrely two heads sprout from its shoulders

Left Head

To the basic description above, apply one of the entries below:

  1. Balding with a few wisps of black hair this ettin’s left face is twisted into a mask of hate, rage and the joy of battle. It screams at its enemies, once battle begins.
  2. One of this head’s tusks has been snapped in half.
  3. This head’s ears hold three piercings threaded with bones. It has long, lank black hair hanging down over its face.
  4. Scars criss-cross the ettin’s face and neck. Several are ugly and red, suggesting they are recent and poorly healed.
  5. Wearing a ragged beard, this head is otherwise bald. Deep bags lurk under its tiny red eyes.
  6. Pockmarked with acne, several large angry spots and a reddish-black rash this ettin’s head appears horribly diseased. When it screams battle cries opponent spot most of its teeth have rotted away.
  7. Hopelessly insane, this ettin head cackles and laughs in battle. Foam drips from its mouth and dribbles down its filthy chin. When the ettin is reduced to half hit points, the head begins to scream uncontrollably.
  8. Perched atop a thick, flabby and scarred neck this head is likewise flabby. The ettin’s right ear is badly chewed; the tip is missing and much of the rest is a mass of scar tissue.
  9. This head wears a full beard and has a dirty, soft felt hat of indeterminate colour pulled low over its brow.
  10. A flat, squashed nose fills the middle of this ettin’s face. Its forehead is massive and actually seems to overshadow its nose.

Right Head

To the basic description above, apply one of the entries below:

  1. This head is missing its left eye. Nothing remains but a gaping, empty socket surrounded by ridges of scar tissue.
  2. Crude tattoos—perhaps of a morningstar (the quality of work is terrible)—“decorate” the head’s cheeks.
  3. A thick, black unibrow dominates the ettin’s right head. Below it, curved yellowing tusks flank its broken tooth-filled mouth.
  4. This head wears the hacked-off, fur-lined yellow hood of a traveller’s cloak.
  5. This head sports a bandana crudely constructed from a nobleman’s once-fine scarlet silk shirt. The shirt is grimy and beyond repair, but the bandana gives the head a rakish air.
  6. This head has a long straggly reddish-brown beard (even if the ettin is female). Many lines and wrinkles mar its face.
  7. All skin and bones, this ettin’s right head appears terribly wasted.
  8. An open sore on the ettin’s forehead oozes puss.
  9. This ettin’s ears are oversized—almost comically so. Tufts of black hair grow from each ear.
  10. One of this bald ettin’s eyes seems slightly lower than other, giving it the appearance of a permanent squint.

Trinkets & Treasures

Sometimes, ettins carry small trinkets or treasures. Roll on the table below, if you determine the individual has an item of treasure or interest:

  1. The ettin has two small pouches at its belt. One holds a half-full flask of brandy while the other has a ladle, a pewter flagon and a dirty cloth.
  2. Around one of its neck, the ettin wears a leather necklace from which hang two silver teardrop-shaped pendants. Each is worth 5 gp.
  3. Wrapped in several strips of leather, this ettin carries a set of crudely carved bone dice in its pouch. One of the dice is horribly weighted and only ever rolls a three.
  4. The ettin wears a necklace of bone around each neck. The necklace comprises a frayed rope and the finger bones of several of its victims entwined among the rope’s strands. They clack together, when the ettin moves.
  5. Two day’s worth of iron rations fills the ettin’s pouch. Unfortunately, they share the pouch with three rotting apples, which have been mushed against the rations.
  6. The ettin possesses a battered, coverless book detailing the common faiths of humanity. The ettin cannot read the book, but enjoys looking at the colourful pictures.
  7. This ettin wears a thick leather girdle around its waist. The girdle conceals no less than three hidden compartments; each contains 5 pp.
  8. The ettin has wrapped several leather belts around its wrists to create bracers of sorts.
  9. This ettin has recently slain an explorer. It carries the unfortunate’s backpack over one shoulder. The pack contains a bedroll, four day’s of food, two waterskins and flint and steel along with a partial map of the surrounds showing the nearest friendly settlement.
  10. The ettin carries a dented spyglass in its pouch. The spyglass’s lens is riven with a spiderweb of cracks, but if magic is used to fix the cracks it works perfectly.

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