1,000 Abnormal Kobolds

Creatures of the dark and the underworld, while physically unassuming kobolds proclaim themselves scions of the mighty dragons and as such destined to rule the earth.

By Dean Spencer


Tribal creatures, they hate gnomes and bright light. While they attack the former on sight, they shy away from the latter whenever possible. Kobolds are often derided by players as no threat and given little or no design time by GMs. However, they can be so much more!

Use the tables below, to add depth and flavour to the kobolds encountered by the PCs.

A standard kobold appears thusly:

Short and scaly, this long-tailed humanoid has a teeth-filled snout.


To the basic description above, apply one of the entries below:

  1. This kobold’s scales are a deep rusty black, making it hard to spot when it lurks among the shadows.
  2. While this kobold’s scales are mainly a dark, rusty brown a swath of scales on its back have a deep, crimson hue.
  3. A crude, dirty bandage encrusted with dried blood is wrapped around this kobold’s right upper arm.
  4. Both this kobold’s ears have multiple piercings, with tiny bones—perhaps kobold finger bones—threaded through them.
  5. Scars criss-cross this kobold’s chest. Around each scar, its scales are discoloured and sickly-looking.
  6. This kobold wears an over-sized patchwork poncho made up of small pieces of many different garments. Red, orange and yellow colours predominate.
  7. With baleful, pale yellow eyes this kobold has the faint whiff of the demonic about it.
  8. While its fellow all have long tails, this kobold’s has been hacked off in some previous battle. Only a ragged stump remains.
  9. This warrior has previously suffered a head wound. A dirty, bloody bandage is wrapped around its head. Blood oozes down its forehead and onto its left cheek.
  10. Carrying a comically oversized axe, this kobold grunts and strains under the weight of its weapon. The battle axe is of dwarven manufacture, and the kobold struggles to wield it effectively in battle.

Battle Tactics

In battle, some kobolds fight differently to their brethren (although none of them fight fair):

  1. Even more cowardly than its fellows, this kobold is terrified of the sight of blood. As soon as one of its fellows is injured, it flees.
  2. This kobold knows how dangerous spellcasters can be; he targets them with missile weapons.
  3. A bloodthirsty maniac, and a wanna-be hero, this kobold seeks out the largest enemy…and tries to stab him in the back.
  4. Striking from hiding, this kobold is silent while he fights. Even when injured, he doesn’t utter a sound—he has learnt that noise often brings death.
  5. Initially, this warrior hangs back from battle. He waits for an enemy to fall before rushing in to administer a coup de grace.
  6. A thief at heart, this kobold stops fighting to loot the bodies of the fallen, as soon as it is safe to do so.
  7. Wearing a bandolier festooned with throwing daggers, this warrior hangs back from combat and hurls his weapons at isolated targets.
  8. Confident of this own skills, this warrior attempts to goad enemies into making foolish attacks by yipping insults at them in his high-pitched voice.
  9. Partly mad, this kobold can’t stop laughing in battle—even when injured. He is fearless and fights to the death, even if the situation is hopeless.
  10. This kobold bears a grudge against one of this fellows. If he gets the chance, he surreptitiously stabs his enemy in the back.

Trinkets & Treasures

Sometimes, kobolds carry small trinkets or treasures. Sadly, for the PCs, such “special treasures” are often nothing more than junk. Roll on the table below, if you determine the kobold has such treasures:

  1. A few rat bones, pieces of fluff and three short lengths of frayed rope.
  2. A small blunt knife, a set of partially carved bone dice and 3 cp.
  3. A partially eaten, mouldering rat corpse and a thin, broken gold ring (worth 5 gp if repaired).
  4. This bloodstained pouch contains a bent iron spike and a dirty steel mirror.
  5. Several small mushrooms wrapped in fungus along with 6 cp.
  6. Four sling bullets of dwarven craft, flint and steel and a shredded water flask.
  7. The rusted hilt of a Medium-sized dagger, three sharp rock shards and the mouldering remains of a rat corpse.
  8. A necklace of rat skulls decorated with flakes of rock.
  9. A heavy iron key, the stub of a small candle and 1 sp.
  10. Four pieces of chalk, three fishhooks and a length of sodden twine.

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