12 Pieces of Blue Dragon Lair Dressing

Blue dragon lairs are different to normal dungeons. Consequently, the minor pieces of dressing should highlight this difference. Signs of previous exploration—dropped and broken equipment, the fused, burnt corpses of previous adventurers and the like—will also be visible.


Use the table below, to add depth and flavour to the lair’s minor features:

  1. Piles of gleaming white bones lie amid the lair’s shifting sands. Some of the bones are clearly of desert animals—camels, hyenas and the like. Others are obviously human. Many are splintered and crushed; some are fused together.
  2. A suspiciously dragon-shaped depression in the sand hints at the size of the lair’s inhabitant(s). Perhaps the lair’s resident recently rested here.
  3. A small, jagged shard of blue scale lies half-buried amid gently shifting sands. The scale clearly came from a dragon, but because it is a fragment of a larger scale, it is impossible to accurately determine the dragon’s size.
  4. Gouge marks in the walls show where the dragon has sharpened its claws. Canny PCs can use the marks to gauge the dragon’s size.
  5. A large mottled red stain on the floor shows where someone or something bled long ago. The stain is large—easily ten-foot in diameter. 
  6. The remains of a gnoll raiding party lie scattered about the area. The party comprised a half-dozen individuals; their scorched and burnt remains, and their melted, burnt or fused equipment, provide mute testimony to the potency of the dragon’s breath weapon.
  7. A confused mess of large, clawed footprints in the sand coating the floor show where the dragon has come and gone. The most recent footprints lead away from the party.
  8. A three-foot natural step divides the area in two; wind-blown sand has piled up against it, forming an almost five-foot wide drift.
  9. Faded words, daubed onto the wall in dried blood, read, “Your doom awaits. Flee if you can. Go no further.”
  10. A narrow, half-foot wide crack cuts through the ceiling. A thin curtain of fine, dry sand sporadically sifts down from above obscuring what lies beyond. Consequently, the fine sand covering this area’s floor is deeper than elsewhere in the lair. 
  11. A mangled and broken steel shield lies discarded on the floor. A single draconic fang pierces the shield at the epicentre of the damage.
  12. The mouldering skeleton of some unfortunate explorer stands transfixed on a spear driven up through its groin. The spear’s tip nestles in the deceased’s skull. The dead explorer still seems to have most of his equipment. (If the dragon can create magical traps this is a perfect place to set one.)

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