12 Blue Dragon Lair Sights & Sounds

Dragon lairs are not staid, unchanging places. While they might have only one resident, things of minor note still happen within. 


Use the table below, to add minor sights, sounds and events to the blue dragon’s lair:

  1. The heavy, pungent stench of ozone hangs in the turgid air. The smell is strongest near the floor. In areas with good air flow, the stench is noticeably fainter. 
  2. A light wind blows through the lair, whipping up small dust devils from the floor that twist, turn and dance before dissipating. This could be a singular event, or it could happen on a cycle—as wind enters the cavern through any number of cracks and crevices. 
  3. The sound of rocks tumbling to the ground comes from deeper into the lair. Alternatively, this sound could come from the lair’s entrance. Paranoid PCs might fear they have been trapped inside by the rockfall.
  4. Outside, the wind whines about the lair’s entrance like a living, breathing creature, obscuring the PCs’ tracks.
  5. A faint hum and crackle of electricity in the air permeates the area. Worryingly, the phenomena’s point of origin is difficult to identify. 
  6. A half-dozen columns of pale light pierce the gloom. They emerge from small holes in the ceiling. As the sun passes overhead the shafts of light move and then fade before the sunlight pierces other nearby holes.
  7. A deep thunderous roar sounds from deeper inside the lair. The lair’s strange acoustic properties cause the sound to echo for a few seconds before it fades away.
  8. Sand sifts down through cracks in the ceiling, lightly dusting the PCs’ heads and shoulders. Unlucky PCs get sand in their eyes.
  9. Shadows move on the ceiling at the limit of the party’s lights. (The party has disturbed a small colony of bats.) If the PCs continue onwards, the bats take flight, swarm and flee. The flutter of their wings echoes through the lair—perhaps alerting the dragon lurking beyond.
  10. A deep chuckle—redolent with menace and anticipation—echoes through the lair. Perhaps the dragon knows the PCs have invaded its home and is amused by their pathetic attempts to surprise it. 
  11. The least perceptive PC begins to feel the party is being watched from some unknown, hidden place. Wherever the party goes in the lair, the feeling persists. If the PCs retreat before facing the dragon, the PC can’t shake the feeling for the rest of the day—even when they camp for the night.
  12. Small cracks crisscross the floor. Faint wisps of warm steam rise from the cracks. As the PCs approach, the volume of steam seems to increase. (This effect is a natural phenomenon and follows a set pattern—the PCs’ arrival here is nothing more than a coincidence.)

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