8 Farming Village Travellers

It is a rare village indeed that sees no travellers except wandering adventurers. Merchants and traders come to make coin, bards visit to tell tales and other folk are merely passing through on the way to somewhere else.


Use the table below, to portray travellers arriving in the village during the PCs’ visit. 

  1. Frans Vaito (N male human) is an odd-job man and labourer for hire. Afflicted with an insatiable wanderlust he never stays in any place for long. When the PCs leave, he asks if he can accompany them (as long as they are not off into the wilderness on some “foolish quest”).
  2. Jussi Seppo (NG male human) is a small-time merchant with dreams of the big time. After a few foolish deals, he is down on his luck but is always searching for the one trade or deal that will make him rich. If the PCs seem rich he promises them he has a wide-range of contacts from whom he can get almost anything. This isn’t entirely true, but he does his best to meet his clients’ needs. He’ll need a retainer, though.   
  3. Miina Kulta (N female human) is ill—she has contracted the plague and although it has not yet fully manifested itself she is contagious (and feeling a little bit under the weather). Miina is a skilled silversmith looking for somewhere to settle down far away from her controlling husband. She stays at the village inn; unfortunately, her condition rapidly deteriorates.  
  4. Kaapro Miela (NE male human thief 3) has come to the village in search of easy marks. His plan is to travel with such a group, rob them blind one night and then flee. He particularly enjoys travelling with trusting merchants and the like. Kaapro is tall and brawny and looks more like a warrior than a thief. He suggests travelling together for “mutual protection” from bandits and the like.
  5. Rekiina Salme (LN middle-aged female human) works as an agent for a wealthy merchant dwelling in a nearby city. She wanders the countryside looking for good business opportunities for her master. She is discrete, and keeps her employer’s details secret until a deal is done. With greying brown hair and sharp, inquisitive eyes Rekiina dresses well and travels with her trusted manservant, Silas Bramblehill (LN male halfling) who is himself a keen observer of goings on. The two act more like friends than master and servant. Rekiina carries a substantial sum of coin. 
  6. Kurt Vasara (LG male human paladin 2) is a questing knight searching for evil to slay and wrongs to right. While well equipped, Kurt does not carry much coin, trusting in his divine patron and the kindness of the common folk to provide for his daily needs. While serviceable, much of his gear is battered and dirty—he has spent much time on the road of late and is beginning to dream of a comfortable bed and a good cooked meal. Kurt is muscular and tall, but a long scar runs from his forehead over his left eye and down his cheek—it is a memento of a close encounter with orcs raiders a year or so ago. 
  7. Aleksi Tiera (N male human) deals in scrap metal and travels the land with his horse and cart collecting up broken items and the like to sell to blacksmiths and other craftsmen in nearby towns and city. He is a skilled woodworker, mason and general builder who barters his expertise for the scrap in which he deals. In truth, Aleksi is a spy for a powerful lord; being a scrap merchant is a cover for his real job—keeping an eye out for threats and opportunities his lord can exploit. 
  8. Orkas Kilak (LG male dwarf fighter 2) is on the way to a nearby castle to oversee some urgent repairs caused by a nasty case of subsidence. Orkas is a smidgeon racist, and when deep in his cups at the local tavern derides all human stonemasons and builders as shoddy workmen. He also complains about the weak ale and generally annoys the locals with his boorish behaviour.  

Note: Most travellers are normal, mundane folk. If a traveller presented above has no class listed assume he or she is a typical commoner of the appropriate race.

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