12 Farming Village Villagers

A village is nothing without its villagers. Many are merely ordinary folk trying to get by and to provide for their family. Others are traders or perhaps even retired adventurers and the like.



Even ordinary folk can be interesting, however. Use the table below to portray random villagers the PCs encounter on the road, working in the fields or drinking in the local tavern.

  1. Albin Kari (NG middle-aged male human) is a brawny fellow well used to long days spent working in the fields. His clothes are dirty and hands calloused. He is respectful, but wary, of any heavily armed strangers visiting the village.
  2. Leena Ilma (NG female human) carries a full basket of household supplies—a small bag of flour, a selection of vegetables and so on—on her hip. (She is off to barter with the village blacksmith for some urgent repairs).
  3. Eljas Kekko (CN young male human) is the terror of the village. Wild, precocious and utterly out of control he wanders the streets looking for mischief—and the adventurers as newcomers are his new target. His father is a drunk, and his mother is dead. Eljas is big and strong for his age and has distinctively short-cropped brown hair.
  4. Azakial Vonothvar (NE male half-elf thief 2) came to the village 20 years ago to escape a murder charge in the nearby city. He finds life in the village boring, but safe, and is looking for excitement. He has a wife he doesn’t really like and yearns for escape. The PCs’ arrival may tempt him to put his old skills to use once more. Azakial has jet black hair and violet eyes. 
  5. Liisa Arpia (CG young female human) is brave and inquisitive, and obsessed with adventurers. If the PCs are obviously adventuring types, she hangs around them trying to overhear their stories and so on. Liisa dreams of becoming a powerful wizard and of wandering the land slaying evil. Her parents—poor peasants—have no way of paying for the education necessary to make her dream come true; she tries to talk any wizard in the group into taking her on as an apprentice. Liisa has startlingly blue eyes and platinum blonde hair.
  6. Filpus Ilma (CN young male human) never goes anywhere without his beloved mongrel Brak (N dog). Brak has mottled black and white fur and is little more than skin and bone. The two are inseparable and spend much of the their time playing in the fields to keep birds and other pests away from the crops. Filpus is inquisitive and the arrival of adventurers intrigues both Filpus and Brak. Sadly, Filpus has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of questions; if indulged, he asks his questions one after another after another.
  7. Katri Ano (N old female human) is the oldest human in the village and is a great store of local legends, lore and gossip. Despite her age she has a prodigious memory and her mind remains sharp. She walks with a cane and her eyesight is not good. Katri spends her time visiting friends and chatting, and she can be encountered almost anywhere in the village. 
  1. Juho Paaso (CE male human) is a blackguard and villain. Near universally reviled by his neighbours, Juho only cares for himself. Currently embroiled in a number of disputes with other villagers over debts and land boundaries he sees the party as a means to an end. If given the chance, he spreads vile rumours regards his enemies and tries to suggest any woes the village faces are their fault. With big, black bushy eyebrows, a tangled beard and gloriously untended hair he cuts a distinctive figure.
  2. Hannu Viti (CN middle-aged male human) knows best. Luckily, for almost everyone he meets, Hannu is wise in whatever subject is being discussed. Most people try and get out of a conversation with Hannu as quickly as possible—and he is so wrapped up in himself he doesn’t have a clue how others view him. He is stocky, short-haired and has a podgy face riven with acne and scars from a childhood disease.
  3. Riitta Tornio (NG middle-aged female human) is short and dumpy. She is Hannu’s (see #9 above) long-suffering wife and knows exactly how most people view her husband. She hates confrontation, and has long since given up trying to “improve” Hannu. Riita is a popular figure around the village—and would be more popular if it wasn’t for her husband!
  4. Sanni Torio (NG middle-aged female human) is an introvert who isn’t that keen on chatting to wandering adventurer types (and anyone else she doesn’t know well). Skinny, with short brown hair she loves being outside and is often accompanied by her children and dog. Sadly, her husband died several years ago in a farming accident and she is quite lonely, but hasn’t met anyone worth getting to know. Wealthy compared to her neighbours she is tired of fending off ill-suited suitors.
  5. Esko Panu (LG male human cleric 1) is a failed village priest who would rather his past stay in the past. Thrown out of his church in a distant village for inappropriate contact with a woman in his congregation he has fled here to hide and atone for his sins. He has managed to keep his past and spellcasting abilities (mostly) a secret—one neighbouring family knows of his powers after he saved their son from a nasty injured inflicted by a poorly-wielded scythe. He is wary of others from his faith, suspecting any clerics among the party are searching for him so he may be returned to his former church for punishment. In conversation, Esko comes across as surprisingly charismatic and well-read for a “normal” peasant. 

Note: Most villagers are normal, mundane folk. If a villager presented above has no class listed assume he or she is a typical commoner of the appropriate race.

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