12 Pieces of Bandit Loot

Bandits, if successful, accumulate much loot from their victims. Much of this loot is mundane, while other pieces comprise jewellery, coins and other portable treasures.


Use the list below, to bring flavour and detail to the bandits’ hoard:

  1. Sacks, boxes and barrels hold food, wine and other staples. With the exception of the barrels and casks holding wine and other drinks (which are kept near to the leader’s tent) the rest are scattered throughout the camp.
  2. Several horses are tethered to hitching poles driven deep into the earth. The horses stand under a crude shelter of woven tree branches; bits, bridles and saddles lie nearby.
  3. Several sacks hold bolts of fresh linen and other cloths; a small bolt of white silk is hidden at the bottom of one of the sacks. The silk is worth 20 gp—easily more than the rest of the cloth combined.
  4. One of the bandits is lucky enough to have a canvas tent of particularly good design large enough to sleep three people. It is essentially rainproof and a great boon to those travelling in the wilderness.
  5. Three suits of chainmail languish in the leader’s tent; she intends to gift them to trusted members of the band—but hasn’t yet decided who is worthy of such treasures.
  6. A holy symbol decorates the cover of this large leather-covered book. It is a holy book of the local faith stolen from a wandering priest.
  7. The bandits recently captured Alpo Lemminkäinen (LG male human cleric 1), a wandering acolyte of the local religion, and have sent a message to his church demanding a ransom. The message was sent two weeks ago, and the bandits are growing tired of waiting for a reply. In the meantime, they force Alpo to serve them around the camp and to use his spells for the group’s benefits.
  8. A tinker’s wagon stands in the camp. The wagon holds a vast selection of agricultural equipment along with pewter bowls, cups and so on. Packed in sawdust and straw in a large wrought iron cauldron lie a dozen bottles of fine wine once destined for a noble’s table.
  9. A beautifully carved set of gargoyles stand on a low wagon. Destined for a local noble’s home, the gargoyles look to be horrifying demons. They are stoutly tied down to the wagon—perhaps too stoutly…
  10. A small heap of blankets and commoners’ clothing fills one of the bandits’ tents. None of the tent’s contents are particularly valuable, but cunning bandits could have hidden something within the pile.
  11. Two sealed barrels each contain eight gallons of lamp oil. The symbol of a shuttered lantern is burnt onto each barrel’s lid.
  12. A bundle of furs fills a chest in the leader’s tent; amid the rabbit, beaver and fox pelts is a large black bear’s pelt—complete with the creatures’ head.

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