12 White Dragon Lair Dressings

White dragon lairs are different to normal dungeons. Consequently, the minor pieces of dressing should highlight this difference. Signs of previous exploration—dropped and broken equipment, the frozen, gnawed-upon corpses of previous adventurers and the like—will also be visible.


Use the table below, to add depth and flavour to the lair’s minor features:

  1. Faint footsteps of a booted, human-sized individual are visible in the soft snow. The footsteps lead deeper into the lair; they do not return.
  2. The large, clawed footsteps of a dragon are clearly visible in the snow. Canny PCs can use the footprints to estimate the size of the dragon that made them.
  3. The air is particularly cold. Ice crystals form on and around the PCs’ noses and mouths as well as in their eyebrows. It is so cold here, it takes the PCs’ breath away. 
  4. A faint mist covers the floor to around ankle depth.  The mist does not overly obscure vision. Perceptive PCs notice the mist seems to be issuing from somewhere deeper into the lair. 
  5. A faint shadow in the ice alerts the PCs to something vaguely man-sized entombed in the frozen wall. If the PCs hack the wall down, they discovered the frozen, disembowelled body of a human. (Hacking the wall down takes several minutes and makes a fair bit of noise, which might alert nearby lair inhabitants). 
  6. Great gouge marks in the snow and ice show where something large and powerful has scrapped and torn at the wall and floors. 
  7. A single ten-foot wide ice pillar sprouts from the floor linking it to the ceiling. The ice is opaque and incredibly hard—compacted as it is by the vast weight of the ceiling pressing down from above. 
  8. A pool of water once lay here, but it has long since frozen creating a patch of incredibly slippery floor. The ice is slightly opaque and within the PCs can see the indistinct entombed forms of several creatures. The ice is thick and easily supports the party’s weight.
  9. In this portion of the lair, the rippled ceiling ice is incredibly pure and clear. Thus, some small amount of light filters down from above giving the ice a beautiful—and unexpected—bluish hue. Consequently, the illumination is brighter here than in the rest of the lair. 
  10. A large snowdrift fills part of this area. Higher than a man is tall, the snowdrift serves as the dragon’s larder—the frozen corpses of several creatures lie inside awaiting the dragon’s attentions. 
  11. A slab of rock emerges from the frozen floor, providing cover from what lies beyond. Deep gouges mar the rock’s surface.
  12. A network of minute cracks and fissures honeycomb the floor and part of one wall. The cracks are not dangerous—yet—and are just a result of the surrounding snow and ice moving and shifting.

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4 thoughts on “12 White Dragon Lair Dressings

  1. Less deadly, and perhaps more inconvenient, tubes bored in the rock with ice lenses allow the dragon the ability to see anywhere in the lair from one spot. If she’s awake, she can see you.

  2. A long corridor ends in a plug of very clear ice. The corridor is oriented in the direction of sunrise. Anyone in the corridor at the wrong time will find he’s at the focus of a large magnifying glass.
    There are similar focus traps elsewhere in the lair, and the dragon knows where they are and when they’re dangerous, and will steer opponents accordingly.