12 White Dragon Lair Sights & Sounds

Dragon lairs are not staid, unchanging places. While they might have only one resident, things of minor note still happen within. 


Use the table below, to add minor sights, sounds and events to the white dragon’s lair:

  1. Cracking sounds emanate from the ceiling and walls resulting from the ice moving and shifting. The noise is ongoing, but not a warning of imminent structural collapse. 
  2. A shard of ice breaks free from the ceiling and plummets to the ground, barely missing one of the PCs. 
  3. A high pitched whistling—the sound of the wind passing through many small cracks and crevices in the ice—fills the air. It also grows slightly colder while the whistling sounds, which may worry paranoid PCs. 
  4. Shreds of mist cling to the cold floor. As wind sweeps through the area, the mist leaps and coils like a living thing into strange, eldritch shapes reminiscent of snakes, or perhaps even ghosts, before settling back to the floor.
  5. Faint howling from outside penetrates the lair. Some PCs might think the howling to be nothing more than the wind, others might identify it as the calls of a pack of hunting bears or—perhaps—the faint call of the dragon returning to its lair.
  6. A sudden wind blows through the area, whipping up the soft, uncompacted snow blanketing the floor. The snow flurry swirls about the PCs for a few moments before settling back to the ground.
  7. Shadows play and dance deep in the ice wall. The effect is caused by the sun and clouds scudding through the air high above the lair. The dancing shadows speed up—or slow down—depending on the wind’s speed.
  8. A faint sobbing—or perhaps a mewling—reaches the party’s ears. A few minutes later a horribly mauled frost giant child crawls into sight. The child has left a smeared blood trail on the icy floor—a trail that leads back to the dragon.
  9. As the party advance, several ominous cracks sound from under the ice beneath their feet. Although, they may fear the floor is unstable, nothing untoward happens. Alternatively, after the cracking sound the floor does give way beneath PC’s feet, but the chasm below the floor is only about five feet deep; the PC escape any real injury, must still climb out of the hole. 
  10. From somewhere deeper into the lair the PCs hear a deep whooshing sound followed by a deep chuckle redolent with evil, malevolent intent. 
  11. With only the briefest of warnings a large chunk of wall behind the PCs cracks and falls away. It hits the floor and explodes pelting the party—and the surrounding area—with snow and shards of ice. The collapse causes no damage to the party, but paranoid PCs might suspect some kind of trap.
  12. Through some strange trick of the light, part of the wall ahead is both slightly transparent and reflective. Because of the unique characteristics of the lair, a faint reflection of the dragon appears in the wall. At first glance, it could appear the dragon is a ghostly figure. Unfortunately, if the PCs are carrying lights the reflections are two-way and the dragon might spot the party approaching unless it is asleep or distracted.

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