20 Blue Dragon Treasures

Dragons are renown for their vast treasure hoards—it’s one of the main reason adventurers seek out their lairs. While much of the hoard likely comprise coinage and the like, inevitably other interesting objects—of a variety of values—will be mixed in with the rest.


Use this table below, to add depth and flavour to the dragon’s hoard and assign a value to each piece of treasure suitable for your campaign. 

  1. A small sandstone statuette depicts a desert deity revered by local nomads. Its glimmering blue eyes are tiny sapphires. 
  2. An ornate leather saddle decorated with beautiful etchings of seemingly endless desert dunes. Dried blood cakes the saddle’s underside.
  3. A shredded backpack lies under a pile of coins. A pocket-sized, leather-bound book lies within. The book is the diary of Armdel Jeral a wizard of growing skill obsessed with finding a certain ancient buried necropolis said to lie hidden deep in the desert. The journal stops abruptly but could contain enough information to whet the PCs’ appetite for further adventure. 
  4. A drawstring velvet bags holds an ivory and jet chess board along with a mahogany box containing matching pieces. 
  5. An ornate two-handed scimitar with a beautiful wave-like pattern running along its blade rests in a plain, worn leather scabbard. The scimitar’s handle is well worn, and the weapon is in excellent condition. 
  6. Three tightly wound bolts of silk (blue, red and white) fill a leather sack.
  7. A keg of fine white wine. The keg lid is slightly loose, and only half the wine remains. 
  8. This eerily lifelike stone carving of a man’s head is missing its jaw, and the nose has been snapped off. (This could be the remains of a petrified adventurer).
  9. A book cover crafted from some kind of thick, heat-resistant leather (a chimera’s hide). Unfortunately, the book’s contents have long since been lost.
  10. A faded parchment map. Large sections of the map are missing. Its centrepiece is a large bay. A mountain looms over the bay. A name—Gloamhold—is emblazoned above.
  11. A small cache of thick, square silver coins. Each has a hole in the middle.
  12. A large cast iron cauldron holds some of the dragon’s more valuable coinage.
  13. Decorations of cavorting water nymphs decorate the lid of this small iron-bound coffer. The coffer is locked.
  14. A small worn brass lamp lies forgotten on its side, half buried in the sand.
  15. A tightly bound bale wrapped in thick canvas holds a great mass of packed leaves—tea. 
  16. Tied shut with a strip of red leather, this worn leather wallet holds a collection of fine quills and other writing materials. Two of the quills are of high enough quality to be used in scribing magical scrolls.
  17. A pouch holds a small collection of highly-polished shells. Several of the shells have strange sigils daubed on them in purple ink.
  18. A hunting horn, banded in iron, hangs from a short leather strap. Sand chokes the horn—it must be cleaned out before it will sound once again.
  19. A small, plain coffer holds an iron incense burner along with three small packets of exotic-smelling leaves.
  20. The bloody, shredded remains of a man’s white shirt lie intertwined with the treasure. Perceptive PCs notice the shirt still has several of its silver buttons—each stamped with the sigil of a noble family from a kingdom bordering the desert.

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