20 Evil Fane Minor Features

A fane of evil is a dark and disturbing place different to many other sites the PCs explore during their careers. Many small features mark this as a foul locale.


Use the table below, to add depth and flavour to the PCs’ visit to the fane:

  1. A strange otherworldly smell of some kind of alien, unknown incense hangs in the air. 
  2. An old sarcophagus’ lid is set into the floor. The inscriptions on the lid are faded and indistinct. Prising up the lid is difficult—it has been mortared into place. (It might ward access to a hidden burial vault or merely have been used as an expedient repair.) Many cracks pierce the surrounding floor. A faint (cold or warm) breeze issues forth from their depths.
  3. A faint, indistinct haze hangs in the air. Discarded purple robes lie on the floor.
  4. Rusting chains and manacles hang from iron spikes driven deep into the walls.
  5. A large battered bronze gong hangs from a stand against a wall. A heavy hammer leans against the same wall. 
  6. Tall wrought iron candelabras standing about the room hold thick red candles.
  7. Glowing coals fill several iron braziers set about the room. Each emits a cloying smell.
  8. Ancient and worn copper and silver coins fill the deep cracks in one wall. 
  9. A smell akin to that of wet dogs hangs in the air.
  10. Many tiny cracks pierce the walls, floor and ceiling.
  11. A faint sobbing sound reaches the PCs’ ears.
  12. Many iron nails pierce the floor. They form a trail of sorts leading towards the fane’s altar.
  13. Faint graffiti—names, dates and so on—mar one wall. One set—  “JK + IL”—stands out from the rest.
  14. Dark, flickering shadows fill the fane’s deepest reaches.
  15. Six plain pewter cups stand atop a two-gallon barrel half-filled with harsh-tasting brandy.
  16. Black, oily water fills a crude font hacked from a slab of rock. Rearing from the floor like the back of some striking, primeval serpent the font itself seems ready to strike interlopers.
  17. The floor is of laid flagstones; each has an esoteric symbol of ominous shape carved into its upper surface. Graffiti defaces one flagstone. It reads, “Hail his dark glory”.
  18. The lower portion of a frayed tapestry 15-foot long and a little over five-foot high, is scorched and burnt. Ash and soot cover the rest, obscuring whatever scene the tapestry once displayed.
  19. Voluminous black and red silk robes, an unholy symbol sewn into the chest, complete with deep hoods hang from wooden pegs. The robes are sized for humans.
  20. A small oaken box stands on a slim three-foot high stone pillar. A small hole pierces the box’s lid which is padlocked shut. The box contains a variety of coins—offerings left by the fane’s congregation.

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