20 Farming Village Daytime Sights & Sounds

Most rural farming villages are a hive of activity during the day. Villagers work in the fields or in their small kitchen gardens while children tear around and visiting traders go about their business. 


Use the table below, to add interesting sights and sounds to the PCs’ daytime exploration of the village.

  1. Children clad in dirty shifts run along the road laughing and joking among themselves. They quiet at the sight of the adventurers and give the party a wide berth. 
  2. A villager pushes a handcart along the road piled high with wood freshly cut from a nearby copse. A woodsman’s axe balances precariously atop the wood pile. The villager nods in friendly greeting as he passes by. 
  3. Thin streams of smoke drift upwards from several chimneys. From the nearby houses, the laughter of children and the everyday sounds of life softly fill the air. 
  4. Villagers work in the fields, ploughing the earth, weeding and so on. Here and there, children run up and down waving their arms and shouting to scare away the birds that land to peck at the soil and the seeds therein. 
  5. A trader (see Table 4 for sample NPCs) rumbles into the village on a cart piled high with boxes, barrels and sacks. Several children run alongside the cart laughing and the trader shouts at them to get away.  
  6. A flock of birds nesting in a stand of trees at the end of the village suddenly screech and take flight. Perceptive PCs spot a cat slinking through the trees. 
  7. Villagers—both alone and in small groups—walk the streets going about their daily business. Most greet the PCs with nods or smiles although a few seem scared or awed by the adventurers, their weapons and their relative wealth.  
  8. The clang of metal on metal—the sounds of the village blacksmith at work—fill the air. 
  9. Two villagers carrying baskets, and deep in conversation, stroll toward the PCs. 
  10. A trapper returns to the village, the skinned and gutted bodies of a half-dozen rabbits hanging from a long pole he carries over his shoulder.
  11. Urgent calls for help, and wild gesticulations, from a pair of villagers working in a field, indicate a horrible accident has just occurred. Moments later, one of the villagers collapses. 
  12. A chill wind blows through the village, plucking at the PCs’ cloaks and sending the smoke drifting from the villagers’ homes wildly cavorting through the air. 
  13. A pack of running, laughing children surround the PCs; they are playing “Catch Me If You Can” and the party are a handy obstacle to be used to avoid capture. 
  14. Three women stand close together deep in conversation; nearby a dog noses through the woods in search of an interesting smell. 
  15. A cat sits atop a high roof, watching people come and go below. At the other end of the roof, two birds are doing much the same. 
  16. As #15 above, but slowly—so slowly—the cat edges down the roof toward the birds. 
  17. Clouds scud across the sky, bringing alternating patches of light and shadow to the village. 
  18. Heavy rain lashes the village. As the day goes on, the roads turn into muddy morasses.  
  19. A horseman, in a fearful rush, gallops through the village. Villagers scatter in his wake.
  20. A distant roar—perhaps a bear, troll or other wandering predator—echoes through the air


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  1. I know I sound like a broken record, but these lists are so fricking USEFUL for those of us that DM. I use Raging Swan products EVERY session I run, which is roughly weekly.