20 Gravestone Inscriptions

Adventurers frequently find themselves slipping into cemeteries. Perhaps, they are looking for clues to stop an undead uprising, hunting grave robbers or looking for a hidden or buried treasure. No matter, they are bound to examine many gravestones during their adventure.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Use the table below, to determine what the PCs find inscribed on atypical or noteworthy gravestones.

  1. Vermor Hode, 3646-3716: Beloved husband, father and grandfather.
  2. Raich Ironblade, 3545-3572: She died as she lived, a hero.
  3. Yoskel Wulf, 3633-3669: His bark was worse than his bite.
  4. Celindra Wintervale: 3703-3704: In her too-short time here, she taught us how to truly love.
  5. Luthian Cooper, 3661-3711: He led his brother in birth and in life.
  6. Codren Cooper, 3661-3711:  His Brother’s Keeper.
  7. Irano Stork, 3582-3612: O Dragonslayer! In death, you were victorious!
  8. Thorell Rockbeard, 3380-3659: Though far from his own people, no dwarf was better loved.
  9. Ranbel Crackfang, ‪3653-3713: He looked like a monster, but was a better man than most.
  10. Shadvar Hench, 3348-3653: She will never truly die as long as those she saved draw breath.
  11. Sir Ahelineih Wildleaf, 3493-3629: [Written in Elven] May you sustain the earth in death as you did in life.
  12. Ildver Bail, 3681-3704: Some treasures are worth more than gold.
  13. [Unreadable] Evinmoor, 34[unreadable]-3500: No more will you [unreadable] the people of [unreadable].
  14. Oldol Blackfire, 3590-3651: He overcame his devils.
  15. Leeness Thistleright, 3589-3629: Death is just a dream, from which we all must wake.
  16. Lady Rilanca Highbarrow, 3620-3661: Your soul calls out for vengeance; may its cries not go unheeded.
  17. Gryphon [unreadable], 3637-3684: Render unto the Reaper what is due her.
  18. Askal Tems, 3605-3659: The Goblins may have taken his body, but they cannot touch his soul.
  19. Zanvin Tanybar Fezzstersticks, 3662-3689: Are you truly gone from this world, or just gone from this place?
  20. Samtin Howellson, 3445-3693: Even alchemy has its limits.

A Note on Dates
: The dates above may, or may not, work with your campaign dating system; modify them accordingly.


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