20 Lost Treasures to Find in an Abandoned Temple

Brave adventurers are always poking around in abandoned temples. Whether they are cleansing the taint of a dark power from a temple’s holy precincts or exploring a shrine dedicated to a  now forgotten power, they always hope to find hidden or lost treasures.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Use this table, to generate details of treasures the PCs find in the abandoned temple. Reroll inappropriate results.

  1. A golden longsword rests atop an obsidian altar. The hilt is engraved with strange runes.
  2. A saintly marble statue gently weeps tears of crystal clear water. If collected, these tears can cure poisons and disease.
  3. A pile of discarded clothes lies before a crude stone table. Hidden beneath them is a mithral sacrificial dagger covered in dried blood.
  4. Seven stone pillars tower inside this room, each with a holy meteorite resting atop it. One of the meteorites contains raw adamantine ore.
  5. Clay pots sealed with wax line the shelves of this room. Each contains a supply of rare and fragrant incense.
  6. An animated dwarven statue monotonously hammers an anvil in this stone chapel. Mundane weapons struck by the dwarf’s hammer become enchanted for one hour.
  7. This room glitters with gold, silver and copper. Thousands of coins hang from the ceiling by thin pieces of string.
  8. The discarded skin of a massive snake is curled up in this room. Instead of normal skin, this delicate husk is composed of gold leaf.
  9. Four almsgiving bowls rest atop a simple wooden table. Each bowl contains a few coins.
  10. A priestly mask shaped into the image of a goat hangs above a small shrine. The horns of the mask are studded with gems.
  11. Dozens of statuettes carved into images of different animals litter this room. Several are crafted from ivory.
  12. Twelve skeletal priests lie upon stone slabs in this room. Each has an opal gem inside its mouth and a dagger plunged into its breast.
  13. An empty suit of ornate full plate armour kneels before a shrine. If touched in any way, the suit collapses into a pile on the floor.
  14. A severed hand lies half-buried in the ashes of a brazier. It still has a golden ring on its finger.
  15. Silken banners depicting a pantheon of lost gods hang from the ceiling of this room.
  16. A giant clam slumbers in this temple reflecting pool. When all is quiet, it opens its mouth to reveal an enormous pearl.
  17. Canopic jars with gold filigree are arranged in a circle around a sarcophagus.
  18. A gem-encrusted sceptre is embedded into the stone floor of the room. Only an individual without avarice in her heart can draw it from the stone.
  19. A dead rogue lies amid a pile of scattered temple coins. The stains of a purple poison still mark his lips.
  20. A six-armed statue towers over this room. Three of its hands clutch human skulls and three clutch gems.

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