20 Minor Effects of Drinking From a Magical Pool

It seems adventurers are always drinking from the pools they come across. Some hold nothing but water, while others hold powerful, potentially life-changing magic.


Magic Pool by V Shane


Other pools—by dint of a quirk of nature or lingering, nearby enchantments—possess minor powers or effects those drinking from the waters can benefit (or suffer) from. Use the table below, to determine what happens to a character drinking from the pool’s water:

  1. The character’s tongue swells up to twice its normal size and he cannot speak for 1d4 hours.
  2. The water from the pool makes the character tremendously thirsty. Unless restrained, he drinks all the liquids he carries—including magic potions and liquid poisons—to assuage his thirst.
  3. The water is slightly effervescent and gives the character a slight feeling of euphoria. For 1d4 hours afterwards, he gains a +1 morale bonus on all saving throws made to resist charm, compulsion and fear effects.
  4. The water contains bacteria that makes the character ill. Starting the next day, the character begins to feel sick. While he is not debilitated, the constant stomach cramps inflict a -1 penalty to all skill checks for 1 day.
  5. The water is brackish and renders the character temporarily blind for 1d6x10 minutes.
  6. The water is cool and refreshing. The character is refreshed and is immune to fatigue and exhaustion for the remainder of the day.
  7. The pool’s water is laced with minor magics. Unless the character makes a DC 16 Will save, he is confused (as the spell confusion) for 7 rounds.
  8. The water is amazingly refreshing. The character need not drink for the rest of the day no matter how energetically he exercises.
  9. The water is laced with mushroom spores. 1d4 hours after drinking the water, the character begins to suffer minor hallucinations. These last for 2d6 hours.
  10. The water is suspiciously warm, but has no other effect—malign or benign.
  11. The water is brackish and tastes “flat.” The day after a character drinks the water, his skin takes on a faint grey parlour. This skin colour deepens for the next few days, before—just as slowly—reverting to normal.
  12. The water is discoloured and looks to be contaminated with a decent amount of blood. It has a slight metallic taste. The next time the character exerts himself his sweat is red-hued. It looks like he is literally sweating blood.
  13. Some kind of granular material is suspended in the water. It is foul, and the taste of it lingers in the character’s mouth for several hours.
  14. The water smells sweet and tastes terrific. After drinking it, a character—for several hours—think he can smell roses in bloom.
  15. An innocent was murdered—drowned—in the pool, and the foul act has left its psychic impression in the water. Anyone drinking from the pool is beset by nightmares of drowning the next morning.
  16. Phosphorescent fungi grows in the depths of the pool, and the water seems subtly discoloured. Characters drinking from the water suffer no immediate ill effect, but the next day—when they awake—their eyes have taken on a dim glow, which provides the benefits of low-light vision, but with only a 10 ft. range.
  17. Powerful delusion magic laces the pool’s water. Characters drinking from it believe the pool to have powerful healing properties. Unless they resist the pool’s magic (DC 17 Will negates) the believe they have been subject to both a lesser restoration and cure serious wounds.
  18. The pool’s waters are soporific. A character drinking from the waters quickly begins to feel tired and, consequently, for the rest of the day suffers a -2 penalty to any saving throw made to resist a sleep effect or spell.
  19. The pool’s waters are invigorating. Characters drinking the water naturally heal at double the normal rate for the next two days.
  20. The pool is a conduit—all be it a very minor one—through space and time. Characters drinking from the pool gain a limited ability to see the future. The next time the character is in combat, or other stressful situation, he gains a momentary flash of insight and can add a +2 bonus to any one d20 roll.

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3 thoughts on “20 Minor Effects of Drinking From a Magical Pool

  1. #1 is apparently characters tounge doubles in thickness or bulk, etc.

    1b. The character’s tounge doubles in length for 1d4 hours, thus the character becomes a very cunning linguist.