20 Minor Treasures to Recover After a Subterranean Battle

After a victorious battle in the dark subterranean world of the Ebon Realm, most adventurers inevitably rifle the pockets, packs or lair of their vanquished enemies. The treasures they might find in this stygian world are far-removed from those looted from their surface-dwelling enemies.

By Bradley K. McDevitt


To add depth and verisimilitude to your players’ looting, add one or more of the below trinkets or minors treasures to the loot they recover.

  1. This jet black blade of this slender, well-balanced dagger is incredibly sharp. Similarly, the handle is black and designed to fit a slender hand. Its pommel is shaped like a spider’s head whose eyes are picked out with flecks of red gemstone.
  2. This handful of heavy gold coins are stamped on one side with a fist grasping a warhammer and on the other with the head of a bald, but bearded, dwarf.
  3. A small leather pouch tied shut with thin leather cords contains a half-dozen carefully wrapped white mushrooms. The mushrooms are fresh and tasty. They contain a mild hallucinogen that when ingested creates feelings of euphoria and visions of subdued colours bursting forth from any nearby mundane light source. Magical light gives forth more vibrant colours; the more powerful the magic, the more vibrant and scintillating the colours. The effects last for 2d4 hours.
  4. This small sack holds a dozen or so chunks of ore containing a silvery, glittering metal. The chunks of ore are surprisingly light. Knowledgeable PCs can identify the metal as mithral. If smelted, there is enough to craft a dagger, ten arrowheads or similar-sized weapon.
  5. Black as the deepest night, this virtually weightless cloak is sized for a slender man-sized humanoid. It has a deep cowl and a half-dozen cunningly hidden inner pockets perfectly sized for objects such as a potion vial or coin.
  6. This thick, wide leather belt has a buckle shaped like a fist and various attachment points from which to hang pouches and perhaps even a small sack or two. A hidden compartment lurks at the back of the belt.
  7. A slender scroll tube cleverly carved from an immense fang holds a single sheaf of tightly wound parchment. The parchment holds a map showing the surrounding area in a simplistic form. The map marks several nearby dangerous locales—and perhaps is even annotated to show what lurks therein.
  8. This small incredibly detailed—and strangely beautiful—stone statuette depicts a huge worm-like creature bursting forth from the ground. It is obviously the work of a master craftsman. Perceptive PCs can even make out a tiny pair of legs protruding from the creature’s mouth.
  9. This 30 ft. length of supple, incredibly strong rope is actually a magically preserved roper strand. It can hold five times as much as a normal rope but is twice as heavy and bulky.
  10. These four slender golden ingots are no larger than a grown man’s finger. Each is stamped with the sigil of a stylised eight-legged spider.
  11. This pouch holds nothing but ready-to-eat smoked bats’ wings. The pouch contains enough food to sustain a grown man for two days. The wings are chewy and are mainly tasteless except for a vaguely smoky aftertaste.
  12. This small ink pot is cleverly fashioned from a tiny hollow stalagmite. The top of the stalagmite has been sliced off and reattached with an intricate set of hinges forged to depict two nesting bats. A silver clasp holds the pot shut. Of the matching quill, if there ever was one, there is no sign.
  13. A fistful of obviously ancient triangular bronze coins green with verdigris. Patterns on one side of the coin are suggestive of tentacles, but the coins are too worn to discern any appreciable details.
  14. This ancient, slender spearhead is decorated with whirls and whorls engraved into the metal. Wrapped in silk cloth, the item is carefully packed.
  15. This heavy dual thickness pouch seems to glow slightly. Inside, inquisitive PCs find a dozen or so tiny winged beetles. The faint glow emanates from their wings. If the pouch is left open, they fly away.
  16. Two-dozen sling stones fill the bottom of this hemp sack. Each of the stones has an angry dwarven face carved into its surface. Several have holes bored through their middle. When hurled, these stones make an eerie whistling sound.
  17. This tightly wrapped red robe has several slashes in its back. Dried blood coats the robe which has open, elongated sleeves. Golden runes of arcane aspect decorate the robe’s collar and cuffs.
  18. Dried blood coats the tip of this wide-bladed, heavy short sword. The weapon is plain and unadorned but wickedly sharp. It rests in a scabbard comprising some odd leathery material. A short tassle—disturbingly entwined hair—hangs from its tip.
  19. This beautiful hand crossbow is missing its string, making it useless as a weapon. As a curiosity, it is worth half its normal value. Runes etched into its handle proclaim its owner to be Eilserk Estreval.
  20. This fist-sized lump of mottled grey and brown stone appears to have been melted by some form of intense heat. Dried “waves” have flowed down the stone’s flanks before hardening. The stone is the only surviving fragment of an elder earth elemental, petrified by a vile enchantment long ago. A fragment of the elemental’s sentience lurks within.

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  1. I’m confused a bit by the description for the items. Seems like there should be names or titles for the descriptions. As in *Item X* followed by *description of item X*. Maybe I’m missing something or it’s still too early in the day and my coffee hasn’t kicked it yet.