20 Odds and Ends, Knick-Knacks & Oddities

Some of the things found in a curio shop are valuable and some are essentially worthless. Others are just interesting or downright odd. Use the table below, to determine what oddity the PCs discover:


Use the table below, to determine what oddity the PCs discover:

  1. This small dusty bottle is half full with fine grey dust. Buried in the dust are three finger bones—probably from an individual roughly the size of an adult human male.
  2. A worn leather backpack lies at the back of a shelf. The pack seems heavier than it should do. A careful investigation reveals a hidden compartment containing a small notebook. Much of the notebook contains doodles, random sketches and so on. At the back of the book a loose piece of ripped, aged parchment has a lavishly illustrated map that seems to depict the location of a buried treasure. Sadly, the map is incomplete.
  3. A small stuffed lizard lies on its back amid other odds and ends. The lizard is missing one eye, but its scales are of a faded blue hue; hinting at (perhaps) some strange ancestry.
  4. These very long bright red boot laces are tied in a confused jumble of a knot. If someone takes the time to unravel the knot, they find a perfectly smooth white pebble at its heart.
  5. A single blue and yellow-feather fletched arrow rests in a narrow quiver designed to hold no more than six missiles. The quiver has a drawstring at its mouth which can be tightened to stop arrows falling out while the wearer is engaged in acrobatics, climbing and so on.
  6. Only the front half of this horse has been carved from the block of wood from which is emerges. The carving is crude and it is more than possible the carver was only vaguely aware of a horse’s anatomy.
  7. Hanging from a fragment of a thin silver chain, this mouldy rabbit foot has a patch where the fur has been rubbed away.
  8. This crudely drawn floor plan of an unnamed tavern has several arrows pointing to various windows on the first floor. Similarly one of the rooms has been circled emphatically.
  9. Used to weigh down a sheaf of papers this large chipped tusk may have come from an orc or half-orc.
  10. Roughly the shape of a spearhead this shard of obsidian is incredibly sharp.
  11. Two shards of flint wrapped in an old, stained cloth are bundled into a slightly charred pouch.
  12. This short and squat urn contains ashes and bone fragments. The death god’s sigil on the lid hints at what might lie within.
  13. Six desiccated spiders—of a variety of colours and sizes—are pinned to a display board hung at a haphazard angle from one wall.
  14. A bunch of eight keys hang from an iron ring. The teeth of several keys are worn as it from much use.
  15. This small child’s rattle is shaped like a morningstar and painted in gaudy colours.
  16. Mouldering in a shadowy corner, and covered by a sheet, this pile of wolf pelts has an indent that suggests one or more of the staff use this area as a place to slumber away from the shopkeeper’s gaze.
  17. Half full of dried and pressed flowers this small pocket book has the look of a sage’s project. Each of the various flowers is named in beautiful flowing script, and each flower’s medicinal uses are also noted.
  18. This tarnished, dull bronze letter opener is shaped like a greatsword. In a pinch, it could be used as a dagger by a child, halfling or gnome.
  19. Hanging from a frayed strap this faded black eye patch seems unremarkable. Investigations reveal, however, a tiny map drawn into its reverse side.
  20. Missing its lid, this oak coffer holds several other small items on this list.

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