20 Piece of Gloamhold Dungeon Dressing

Dungeon dressing is awesome. Every dungeon should include it.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


I’ve previously blogged about dungeon dressing and why I think it is a vital addition to every dungeon. It’s pretty obvious, therefore, that when I was designing Gloamhold I’d be including dungeon dressing in the mix. After all, it’s how you create the illusion of detail and bring the place alive in the players’ imagination.

Use the table below, to generate minor points of interest for your dungeon, While these have been designed with Gloamhold in mind, they will likely suit most dungeons. (And if they don’t modify them accordingly).

  1. Faint tracks in the dust record the passage of a small group of booted humanoids. (A skilled tracker can determine there were five individuals and one was much smaller than the rest—perhaps a gnome or halfling).
  2. A smear of charcoal on the wall at about a human’s shoulder height shows where someone stubbed out a torch.
  3. A great crack splits the wall to the left where it meets the floor. Faint cracks radiate outwards across the floor for a good 10 ft. or so.
  4. Cold water drips from the ceiling into small puddles on the floor.
  5. The heavy tang of salt hangs in the air.
  6. A ripped and sodden sack lies crumpled on the floor.
  7. A large faded chalk arrow on the wall points back the way the PCs have come.
  8. A smattering of dried blood decorates the floor. Nearby lies the snapped-off head of an arrow, blood covering its wickedly pointed tip.
  9. A spiderweb of tiny cracks crisscross the floor; a faint, but chill breeze emanates from within.
  10. A broken spear haft lies on the dusty floor; rust wreathes its dull head.
  11. Brown slime covers the ceiling; occasionally small globules of gunk drip down onto the slippery floor.
  12. A partial carving of a giant staring eye decorates the lintel above a doorway; it appears the carving was never finished as the eye lacks an iris.
  13. A clump of fungi and mould grows in the shadows cast by a narrow overhang jutting from one wall.
  14. The cloying stench of rotting vegetation fills this area; thick roots of some kind of strange plant hang from the ceiling.
  15. An open, shallow ten-foot deep, 15-foot wide pit pierces the floor. Dusty rubble covers the bottom of the pit.
  16. Shards of pottery and a few mouldy rags lie scattered in the middle of the floor.
  17. A rotting pile of wood fills one corner; it probably once comprised furniture.
  18. A smear of dried blood mars one wall.
  19. A dagger hilt juts from a crack in the floor; the dagger can be removed from the crack easily but the weapon’s blade is dull and pointless.
  20. A discarded dust-shrouded torch stub lies on the floor.


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