20 Pieces of Bric-a-Brac, Junk & Dross

Sometimes the PCs find hidden treasures among the knick-knacks, oddities and trinkets. Other times, they find what is—essentially—worthless junk.


Use this table, to determine what piece of useless junk they uncover:

  1. Spilling from a cracked and suspiciously stained leather folder this sheaf of song sheets records a score or so bawdy drinking songs—or they would do if they hadn’t suffered extensive water (or possibly beer) damage.
  2. This pewter drinking stein has a wide crack in its base; consequently liquid quickly leaks out rendering it useless as a drinking vessel.
  3. This slightly charred 1,000 gp letter of credit lacks the crucial section setting out who undertakes to extend the aforementioned credit.
  4. Bent and twisted, this iron brooch forged in the shape of a (now squashed) pinecone has lost its pin.
  5. This small drum has a rip in its cover.
  6. The jagged fragment of a leather armband etched with the remains of a heraldic symbol—a lion rampant clutching a battle-axe—lies at the back of a shelf.
  7. Containing slightly wet and matted multi-coloured chalk dust this pouch may have once belonged to a wizard.
  8. A pair of blunt oversized brass scissors—perhaps good for shearing sheep if resharpened.
  9. Hanging from a frayed length of red-stained leather this cracked monocle has an iron frame.
  10. This small violin—sized for a halfling or a human child—has no strings and is missing its bow.
  11. Soot covers the glass of this magnifying glass, which also has a slightly charred handle. Unless the soot is cleaned away it is not immediately obvious the glass is cracked.
  12. Full of dry soil this waterproof leather pouch hides five large acorns.
  13. Several of the names listed on this framed ornately drawn family tree have been scored out so violently there are holes in the vellum.
  14. A matched brush and comb set. The comb is missing half its teeth and the brush is matted with hair and what is—hopefully—mud.
  15. These four tarnished silver spoons each has an identical hole burnt through the middle.
  16. A ragged, oversized quill crafted from the bright blue feather of some kind of exotic bird (or perhaps other creature). The quill is missing its nib.
  17. A worn and much-used backpack looks at first glance like a serviceable bargain (as it is only half price). However, a close look reveals one of the straps is frayed. If the pack is filled, the strap breaks during its owner’s first bout of strenuous activity.
  18. This wrought iron holy symbol (of a locally worshipped deity) has been poorly repaired; weld marks are obvious and the whole has a twisted—perhaps—warped aspect. (Perhaps this intentional and an evil cult used it in a bastardisation of some holy ritual).
  19. A wide crack runs around the mouth of this bright blue urn. The urn is fragile; any rough handling causes the top portion to slide off the body.
  20. Draped in a stained red cloak, this life-size stone statue depicts a muscular man standing in a heroic pose. Removing the cloak reveals a certain part of the man’s anatomy has been snapped off.

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