20 Pieces of Unusual Clothing

How many times have you found yourself struggling to come up with something different as your players are rifling through an NPC’s belongings?

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Articles of clothing often indicate an individual’s social status, personal tastes, profession or hobbies, and can even add an element of mystery to someone’s background. Below are 20 unusual articles of clothing that might give your players pause. Use them as magic item descriptions, the contents of chests or even what the NPC was wearing when encountered.

  1. A black, gothic tail coat with silver buttons and embroidered with necromantic imagery along the sleeves.
  2. A deep blue, high collared formal shirt. Embroidered nautical imagery in silver thread decorates the collar and cuffs.
  3. A spellcaster’s or alchemist’s rugged leather vest with a multitude of pockets, loops and hooks for holding various items.
  4. An off-white, dire wolf fur shoulder wrap in excellent condition. The fringe is decorated with the wolf’s teeth hanging from short leather strips.
  5. A thick, charcoal-coloured infinity scarf smelling of wood smoke large enough to envelop the upper body of a human-sized creature.
  6. Soft leather suspenders that fasten to buttons on the front and back of trousers. They have two adjustable iron clips, triangular in shape and heavily rusted, each bearing an etched diamond shape.
  7. A white barrister’s wig sized for a smaller than man-sized creature. Part of the left side is missing along a diagonal cut, edged with dark brown stains, that runs from the top back to the bottom front.
  8. An emerald green, silk turban with a black border. One end is intended to hang loosely over the shoulder and has five long tassels alternately coloured green and white.
  9. A white toga, neatly folded and immaculately clean, which smells strongly of damp musty earth and is reminiscent of a grave.
  10. This white leather sporran edged with black horsehair bears a rearing stallion on the front.
  11. A pair of worn and faded black and red diamond jester’s tights.
  12. A one-inch thick cord belt with delicate silver filigree end clamps. It is big enough for either an obese human or a creature larger than man-sized.
  13. A tattered shoulder cape, faded crimson in colour, with frayed edges. Remnants of an unidentifiable, deeper crimson coloured fur runs along the hem.
  14. A pair of light brown, suede evening gloves with a braided cord stitched along their entire length in black thread.
  15. Moderately worn hip boots that appear to be made of overlapping light grey scales. The outer edges of each boot have dagger-sized sheaths sewn into both the calf and thigh sections.
  16. A yellow tabard, heavily stained and soiled, depicting a large white skeleton key aligned vertically.
  17. A pair of cloth epaulettes, pale green in colour, each depicting symbols of the elements embroidered in black thread and arranged in a circular pattern.
  18. A gorgerine of alternating bone and metal discs aligned in columns that ascend in size from top to bottom.
  19. A heavily worn and stained soft leather butcher’s apron. The front bears a pyrographic skull within a runed circle.
  20. A hooded, deep purple mantle that is doubled, fashioned of exotic material, and has gold embroidery along the hem.

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