20 Seedy Tavern Patrons

There are many reasons to visit a seedy tavern: detective work, rumourmongering, looking for work or simply to soothe a parched throat. But a tavern without denizens is hardly a bar at all.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Use the table below, to generate details of who the PCs encounter in a seedy tavern:

  1. Quobbis Quibble (LN male gnome): A fat gnome with buck teeth fidgets in supreme discomfort as he looks around the room. Judging by his fine clothes, he shouldn’t be within a hundred yards of this establishment.
  2. Sibolen Itali (N male elf): A drunk elf with long black hair crawls on the floor, searching for something he has lost (his wedding band).
  3. Ginger Greybeard (CN male dwarf): A deeply tanned and extremely boisterous dwarf mocks his opponent, then swigs another mug of beer in a drinking contest. The amber liquid bubbles in his beard.
  4. Urul (NE female orc): Two sharp tusks protrude from the hood of a figure in a shadowy corner; investigations reveal the individual to be an orc!
  5. Cham (CE female halfling rogue 3): A young halfling relieves a very drunk patron of his coin purse before retreating under a table to inspect his prize.
  6. Petrera Malice (LE female human): A tall woman in black leather armour sits at attention. She refuses a drink from the server, and keeps a hand on her longsword.
  7. Gullun (CN male halfling): A halfing at the counter produces acrid smoke from a yellow pipe. His eyes are haunted and distant, his body paralyzed in remembrance.
  8. Kayvan Lorrick (CG male half-elf wizard 2): A drunk half-elf summons and dispels light morosely at his table. Every few moments, his hand goes to a bruise on his face.
  9. Gerard Burnheap (CE male half-orc fighter 3): A half-orc downs mug after mug in angry determination. His muscles are alive with malcontent, and he looks around the room for someone to fight.
  10. Yorik Greygal (CN male dwarf): A very short dwarf slumps passed out on his table amongst a dozen mugs. The look of serene content upon his face is enviable.
  11. Bayran Lorrick (CN male half-elf): An animated half-elf flirts with the female patrons of the bar. His green eyes sparkle with every laugh he procures, though the other customers look annoyed.
  12. Grom (NG male human): A man at least eight feet tall hunches over a table, beer stein clutched awkwardly in massive hands.
  13. Davian Derrows (N male human cleric 2): A cleric of the predominate local faith reviews paperwork by candlelight. He smiles graciously at the server and accepts another drink before returning to work.
  14. Sacha Devree (NE female gnome): A thin gnome with heterochromia has lost her left hand to a skin disease. She winces in pain through every mouthful of mead.
  15. Horne (LN male elf): A white haired young elf speaks quietly to a shrouded confidant. The barkeep brings out expensive liquor for the pair and refuses payment.
  16. Velia Omrick (CN female human): The barkeep brings out a whole roasted chicken to a child of eight or nine, who pays with a strange gold coin. The girl devours the chicken within minutes.
  17. Hodrin Bleakfire (CN male dwarf): A bald dwarf regales an inattentive crowd with his dragon slaying exploits. Judging by his seared armour, there may actually be truth to this story.
  18. Hurdle Belch (NE female halfling): A morbidly obese halfling slips in and out of consciousness as she totters in her chair, mumbling nonsense to herself.
  19. Filth (CN male gnome): An ancient gnome begs coppers from other customers. His pleas are answered with laughs, grunts or swats.
  20. Petrar Mane (LG male human paladin 1): A bright eyed young human in shining full plate looks incredibly out of place here. He listens attentively to the conversations around him and seems eager—but hesitant—to join in.

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