20 Seedy Tavern Staff

The employees of a seedy tavern are often as bad as the customers. While they are at least sane enough to keep a job, many take advantage of their drunk patrons or indulge in their own vices while working.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Use the table below, to determine the details of the people working in a seedy tavern visited by the PCs:

  1. Eelred Vine (CE male elf): The green-eyed, yellow haired elf behind the counter is handsome, smiling and totally self-absorbed. He steals glances at his own reflection whenever possible.
  2. Gerey Tere (N male human): The man who serves drinks is mute. His tongue has been cut out and cruel scarring mars his cheeks.
  3. Rida (N female half-elf): The dexterity of this one-handed server is impressive, though why someone so skilled would work in a dump like this is a mystery.
  4. Thori Ghoststone (CG female dwarf): This dwarf bartender is totally bald, with large stone earrings and heavy makeup. She speaks in a thick difficult-to-place accent .
  5. Gyles and Gunder Keson (CN male gnome): The two gnome servers are identical twins, though one suffers from a severe limp in his left leg.
  6. Berter Crimson (NG female half-orc): Intricate tattoos run up the arms of this half-orc server, spilling into black fractals on her stern face.
  7. Willom (CE male half-orc): This half-orc bartender surreptitiously spits into the drinks of those he doesn’t like. Regulars know this and are not taken in by his innocent smile, full of sharpened teeth.
  8. Aldwulf (LE male human): Some rough blade removed the bartender’s nose many years ago. The nasal cavity drips grey mucus.
  9. Renda Hurn (NE female human): An eyepatch hangs loosely across the bartender’s gaunt face. Peeling skin and exposed bone indicate some sort of burn wound.
  10. Charder Whancey (CN male halfling): The halfing bartender is a jovial fellow who stands out from the crowd in his dirty pink suit. He stands on a stool to speak to his customers, then descends to the floor to retrieve drinks.
  11. Gery Blank (LN male human): The portly man behind the counter looks more like a monk than a bartender. He extols the virtues of beer and brewing to a customer who is quite obviously asleep.
  12. Jin (LG male half-elf): A half-elf child of no more than 10 serves behind the bar. He cleans and distributes mugs expertly, and the patrons treat him with great respect.
  13. Maco Mills (CG male gnome): The gnome behind the counter does the work of two men, expertly using magic to clean dishes and grab dirty mugs from afar.
  14. Hamse Gamen (CE male halfling): The halfling bartender is more inebriated than the patrons. Instead of the house swill, he takes long swigs from a silver flask at his breast pocket.
  15. Gnome (CN female human): The scars across the face of this gnome server seem intentional, almost ritualistic in nature.
  16. Roguy Mulk (CN male halfling): The halfing server runs around the room, struggling to refill glasses and take orders. Even during lulls, he is always behind.
  17. Gileon Hoptt (CG male human): The serving boy, a handsome teenage boy with a ponytail, constantly eavesdrops on patrons and offers his own advice on private affairs.
  18. Bari Brokenrock (CN male dwarf): The overweight dwarf bartender won’t stop talking. Since nobody is listening he talks to himself, gesticulating wildly as he cleans a mug.
  19. Anzi (CE female human): The server has one false eye, a black marble which twitches with a life of its own.
  20. Reyna Evergreen (CG female human): The serving girl tosses and order on the table carelessly, then returns to cleaning her nails with a knife.

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